Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NBA Finals Preview: The Beginning of The End

We're back. I hope everyone had a lazy, BBQ filled weekend without too many annoying friends you didn't want to see or heartburn. Now, it's time for basketball again after what seems like weeks. The couple games every day that are played during the first 3 rounds really become a habit, then suddenly no games for 4 days and I feel like Pookie in New Jack City. "It just keeps calling me". I probably need some new hobbies.

Anyway, tonight finally brings game 1 of the NBA Finals or the beginning of the end for most haters out there. Championship rings have this strange aura about them, able to erase years of bad reputations. LeBron's already half way there since he's morphed into Mr. Clutch this postseason. What about the other guys who will be playing?

Point Guard:
Mike Bibby vs. Jason Kidd
8 years ago, if you would've taken a poll asking which marquee PG would still be leading their teams to finals in 2011, it may have been split between these two guys. Bibby was a young up and comer who had proven to be a clutch shooter with the Kings and Jason was already 30. No matter, Kidd is no longer the speedy passer he was, but is now a wily vet, 3-point shooting floor general and Mike Bibby is filling the requisite 5th player role. They might as well play 4 on 5.
Advantage: Mavs

Shooting Guard:
Dwyane Wade vs. Deshawn Stevenson/Jet Terry

I swear I have to say to myself "Dwhy-ane" every time I write that name. What's the deal, Mrs. Reverend Wade? I know you had a drug problem but damn. Deshawn starts for whatever reason, but Terry is probably Dallas's 2nd best scorer.
Advantage: Dwhy-ane and the Heat.

Small Forward:
LeBron vs. Shawn Marion

Damn, Dallas has a late 90's early 2000s all star team. Me and my brothers used to create teams on NBA Live 98 or whatever it was. If Dallas still had Steve Nash, this Mavs team could have definitely been one of them. I heard the Matrix has a reality show coming out after the season. I'd rather eat nails then watch that.
Advantage: Heat

Power Forward:
Chris Bosh vs. Dirk Nowitzki

Yeah, I guess I should take back all the RuPaul insults, Bosh has been money this spring. But he'll be facing off against the other player who everyone will be watching this series. Many people view this as Dirk's last stand (I'm not totally sure of that) but the way he's been playing, he looks to be on a mission.
Advantage: Mavs

Joel Anthony vs. Tyson Chandler

Tyson's gone from underrated to almost over-rated this playoffs. He does a serviceable job out there though and is 100 times better than Joel. The sarcastic MVP chants from the Miami crowd are actually pretty funny, though.
Advantage: Mavs

This is probably the clearest advantage for Dallas outside of the point guard match-up. Dallas' biggest strength this playoffs has been it's bench. Nicholas brother NBA Live all-star Peja and Terry lead the attack. My guess is Spoelstra will keep at least 2 of the big 3 out there at all times so as not to get too exposed (and that's what he's been doing most of these playoffs anyway) although Haslem and Mike Miller have been a spark lately.
Advantage: Mavs

Spoelstra vs. Rick Carlisle

A chimp could roll the ball out on the floor and coach this Miami squad on offense, but you have to give Spo' some credit for getting the Heat to play defense like they do. Carlisle has much more experience though so he has an edge like Derek Jeter.
Advantage: Mavs

Unbelievably, that leaves the Heat with only 2 clear cut advantages here. Shouldn't conventional sports wisdom tell us that the team concept will win out over those 2 guys? Well, throw your grampy's basketball book out the window, Bron and Wade are finishing what Jordan and then Kobe and Shaq started. It's a superstar league and Miami has twice as many of those as Dallas. To paraphrase a recently passed Gil Scott Heron, "The Revolution Will Be Televised". I'm part of the hater brigade this year (weird to be on the hater side after rooting for the Lakers the past 3 seasons) so I hope that I'm wrong like I have been all playoffs (plus Dallas has been so great as an underdog this playoffs I can't pick against them), but I think the end is near for the hater. Long live the king.


  1. Wing players? Check out the wings on my man Chandler who is going to be sending heat balls into the Atlantic ocean with all his blocked shots. The Heat have a very good team, but I don't see them getting enough intangibles to beat the Mavs. Mavs in 6

  2. You've been right so far, Derek, I can't argue with you.

  3. Not going to lie to you Bagels, my words are little homerish.

  4. Yeah, a little bit, but you're still cool with me for body slamming Jo Jo English like that back in '94.

  5. It's obvious D Harps nut-hugger shorts are so tight that they are cutting off the circulation to his brain. There is no chance that we are losing this series. The only way it goes more than 5 games is if David Stern tells me to blow a few for rating and more drama.

    Here's to title number 1 of this coming dynasty. Now's your chance to get on board this bandwagon before it fills up, losers....

  6. I think it's usually you telling David Stern to blow something and not the other way around, Bron or he just does it on his own. I agree, though, you guys are going all the way this year.