Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Someone In the Mets Organization Makes Sense for Once

I don't know what's more surprising, that someone involved with the Mets finally said some things that made sense for a change, that the person who said them was Fred Wilpon or that there is a seeming public outcry (at least among many Mets fans) over these fairly innocent and very accurate words.

The offending comments were made during an uncharacteristically candid moment for the beleaguered Mets owner in a recent New Yorker article. Sitting in his luxury suite watching his awful creation piss away another game, Wilpon was understandably critical of the team he put together (the article was written early in the season when the Mets were almost unwatchable). What were these hideous insults that have Mets nation all up in arms?

1) David Wright is a good player but not a superstar
2) Jose Reyes is a dissapointment and wants (and will get somewhere else) "Carl Crawford" bread
3) The Mets over reacted to Carlos Beltran's ridiculous playoffs with the Astros by signing him for 20 years and a billion dollars.
4) The sky is blue.

He didn't actually come out and say that last one, but it's just as much of a truism as those other 3 statements. I suppose a lot of the Metropolitans' supporters are taking issue not just with what was said (even a Mets fan has some sense) but the fact that it was their usually quiet, clueless owner saying it to a magazine from the comfort of his luxury sky box instead of directly to the players or something like that. This is, of course, silly. The fact that Wilpon recognizes that this is a flawed team and is acknowledging it to anyone is a sign of things maybe moving in the right direction. At least he's not stubbornly holding onto the beliefs that every move the team he owns makes is a great one like some other idiot owners in New York. And while we're on the subject of New York owners, George Steinbrenner has practically achieved Saint hood for firing up his troops with remarks like these.

One of the arguments I've heard Mets fans (as well as Michael Kay and other impartial idiots) make as to why they're upset with this is that it will somehow
mess up the suddenly glorious team chemistry or offend the sensitive players who were criticized, as if a .500 team that hasn't won a playoff game in 5 years is some kind of fragile dynasty, that if disturbed might unravel. As Mets expert Snoot has been saying for some time, the worst possible thing that could happen to his beloved team is a false sense of security as the result of a mediocre season (kind of like the Knicks had in the early Isiah years) that would prevent the team from doing what it needs most: complete destruction and rebuilding. So, Mets fans, get a grip;Wilpon speaking up and admitting that the Mets suck might be a sign that he's catching on too.


  1. Bad business move to do this externally.
    #1: Automatically lowers the trade value for any of the guys he mentions
    #2: Lets other teams know how bad the money situation is in detail. This is not something you want people you are negotiating with (e.g. other owners) to know.

    He forgot to mention that he is a terrible owner and that is the root of all problems. He should look in a mirror.

    I was at a game about two years ago behind home plate below his luxury box. He thought it was fun to throw out bags of popcorn to the dumb fans like it was the French Revolution and he was throwing bread down to the peasants. FUCK HIM HE NEEDS TO GO, THIS JUST PROVES HOW STUPID HE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It might be time for a PTU poll on which NY team has the worst ownership.

  3. Forbes said today that Wilpon lowered value of his franchise by 50mm with his interview. Let's see you defend that Bagels. It was a bad business and worst pr move. You can't argue otherwise.

  4. nah, I wasn't thinking of the business side, just that what he said was true. My fault, it was a dumb thing to say in that respect.

  5. I'm supposed to say that as an angry fan, but the owner can't. What an idiot, I hope he loses all his money and get raped by Madoff in jail.

  6. I think you might have more anger towards Wilpon than I do towards the Isiah era knicks. It's close at least.

  7. Death match of Dolan vs. Wilpon. They fight till one of them dies and then the other one gets eaten by a lion.

  8. Why don't we just skip the fighting part?

  9. I was at that game with Snoot at Shea a few years ago. People were actually fighting each other for bags of peanuts that Wilpon, Seinfeld and Ferris Bueller were throwing.

    It's a shame that the Mets have completely tied the hands of Sandy Alderson. He's a smart baseball guy but has to basically sell off any player that has value. Lucky for the Mets they don't have many.