Friday, May 27, 2011

Bulls vs Heat Game 5 Recap: The Slow, Agonizing Death of The Haters

I was all ready to post about Wade having double the amount of turnovers as field goals, and having a picture of Kurt "Crazy Eyes Killah" Thomas up there, and then the Heat decided to ruin everyone's fun.

In a collapse that was equally as shocking as the Thunder's choke job vs. Dallas a couple nights ago, the Bulls totally fell apart and the Heat played about as perfectly as humanly possible. After a Ronnie Brewer three gave Chicago a 12 point lead with a little over 3 minutes left, it seemed to everyone that there would be a must win game 6 for both teams. Game 7 in Chicago Memorial Day evening would be tough for the Heat to pull off. This Heat team is on the verge of choking! Haters rejoice! Can't hold a 3-1 lead without your mommy holding your hand, LeBum?

And then they hit 9 straight shots and won the game.

While this game might be just as indicative of a young team unravelling as games 4 and 5 for the Thunder, what makes this type of win more monumental is the fact that everyone outside of South Beach (all those fools who were celebrating like they won the Super Bowl last night) is rooting against this team. A couple of folks might want to see OKC do well because of Durant or their underdog appeal, but no one really hates the Mavericks. Dirk Nowitzki is the most benign superstar and Jason Kidd might be an asshole off the court, but you'd be hard pressed to find a rabid Kidd hater these days. Dallas makes a comeback and it's a glorious moment that will be a part of playoff lore for years to come. Miami does the same and it feels like the bad guys are winning again. It's exciting for sure, but could a team win in a more agonizing fashion? The Heat were dead and resurrected in the span of 15 real time minutes. Have we reached a point where the haters are almost the victims of bad karma? Could all the anger and hatred directed at LeBron and the Heat all year be backfiring now? Should we just embrace the Heat as the future of professional sports? Probably not, but being a hater never felt so bad.

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