Tuesday, July 19, 2011

M@D @ The movies Transformers Dark of the moon review.

I hope you brought your 3-d glasses to PTU today or else this image will appear strange to you.

Here is the quick review of Transformers Dark of the Moon.

If you LOVE slow motion this is the movie for you! It was used nicely
in second Transformers' movie, but it is over used in this one. The explosions were cut down from the previous movies, but the amount of BS was increase 1000% I know its a movie but physics still have to exist some how.

In one such physics bending scene, a building was cut so that the top portion fell diagonally, but some how was able to suspend its self in mid air. Planets were able to exist in close proximity to each other as if nothing happened. So lets forget physics how was the story?

Well Opitmus Prime was made out to be a scene stealing douche, he would hang out or be delayed in some way off screen, then when needed most he would come out and save every body. (This happen several times)

Best part of this movie was the list of "stars" that were in this movie. leonard nimoy was the voice of one "Robot", John Malkovich had some good scenes as Shia Labeouf's boss, but the ultimate moment and the most entertaining by a non main character was by "Steve the Pirate" http://unrealitymag.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/steve.jpg

In closing, Shia Labeouf was the most non annoying he had been in any movie he had done before.

I give it 2 energon cubes out of five


  1. This movie obeyed physical laws is many instances. I got shot at by a Gatling gun and slow-motion-dived out of the way.

  2. Wasn't I in this too?

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