Friday, July 8, 2011

The 1st Annual PTU Rock n Jock Free Throw Jam

Tomorrow is July 9th, which can only mean one thing: The First Annual PTU Rock n Jock Free Throw and Sweet and Sour Chicken Jam. This is the beginning of a grand tradition that will both delight and haunt the PTU bloggers for the rest of our natural lives. Our children and our children's children's children will forever keep this date open as a time of celebration of athletic prowess and cheap ghetto chinese food.

The day will begin as most historic days in sports have: with 4 hung over bloggers slogging through sausage egg and cheese sandwiches and ice coffee to prepare themselves for the tests of endurance and MANHOOD that lie in their paths. Around 5 or 6, we'll remember that we had something to do that day and tear ourselves away from the MTV True life marathon and air conditioning, kiss our wives on the cheeks and warn them not to wait up for us, it could be a long night. The free throw jam will take place at the storied Owls Head basketball courts in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. These blacktop courts are hallowed ground, and have provided the setting for legends of the streetball game: Kenny "Twinkle Toes" Jackson, Earl "The Ostrich" Walker, and of course, the 5'7" high flyer Damien "The Leprechaun" Murphy. Looking to add to the glory will be the PTU all-stars. Naked Cowboy hater Mr. D has already predicted that he will hit well over 50%, much to the disbelief of his blogging cohorts.

After the drama of the foul shot contests has unfolded, it's on to the Chinese Buffet for the post-game celebration. Sweet and Sour Chicken will be tossed about like candy, hot sauce will flow like champagne, and M@d $cientist will attempt to break his own record by eating a small child's weight in egg rolls. It will be a glorious day, indeed.

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