Friday, July 1, 2011

America, F$@* Yeah!

You may have noticed PTU looks a bit different these days. If you're wondering why your home for inane lists and hating now looks like Michelle Bachmann's Myspace page, it's because we're attempting to keep the look of the site as topical as possible and we hope the changing look of PTU will keep you, the readers, and us, the bloggers, interested and engaged going into the future. If you hate the way it looks, and would log on to National Review's website if you wanted unabashed patriotism, have a hamburger and some Colombian potato salad and take it easy, PTU will be back to normal after the weekend.

Hope everyone eats too much BBQ and has a safe and twasted 4th of July Weekend. Cheers.


  1. Looks great. Is it possible to make the columns for Popular Posts, Recent Comments, Blog Archive, etc. wider as well? It would make it easier to read that stuff. Thanks.

  2. Me want Colombian potato! Hook me up!