Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tribute to Larry David's "Breastvision"

On a recent episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry talks about a special ability called "Breastvision" (BV for short). BV is something all men have known about for years but no one has ever put a name to: the ability to have amazing crystal clear vision from extremely long distances when great breasts are somewhere in the vicinity. Only slightly related to this phenomenon, some of us at PTU today were discussing the best breasts in Hollywood. Since my wife sometimes reads the blog I'll have to leave it at that, but here is where I think we netted out for top 5.

5) LaLa (aka Permelo's Wife): Sometimes it pays to be a perp. Probably wouldn't have been my first choice, but the rest of PTU loves basketball so that also bumped her up.

4) The Girl With Big Boobs From Paranormal Activity (aka Katie Featherston): Makes it worthwhile sitting through both Paranormal Activity 1 AND 2.

3) Christina Hendricks: Hot secretary from Mad Men. Not much else to say, just the classic body type.

2) Sofia Vergara: The primary reason white males religiously watch Modern Family. Might have been number one but reports say they are not real.

1) Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (aka Katy Perry): If Joseph Smith were still around she would probably make the cut as one of his wives. Bottle also happens to like her music. 

With that, time to let the debate begin! I have to hit the publish button now because my wife is asking me why there are boobs in my blog post...


  1. You need a better picture of Katy Perry's boobs. I also do not agree with Paranormal activity girl.

  2. Mr.D...please share a link to a better pick for the winner...

    I know the Paranormal activity girl isn't the standard, but she has that good girl next door quality...not for everyone.

  3. LaLa is busted like mustard... she kinda looks like a Middle Eastern man.

    Katy Perry.. yeahhhhhhh... YAMMIN.

  4. Pervert the Unemployment

  5. Unfortunately it looks like she isn't prominently featured in Paranormal Activity 3.

  6. After the series of events that transpired on PTU's hiatus, may I suggest that La La and Paranormal activity girl be switched for Scar Jo and Kat Dennings?