Monday, September 12, 2011

Inside The House of Namath: A Giants Fan Goes To A Jets Game And Harasses Usher

Over the summer I was lucky enough to get into the Legends Suite at Yankee Stadium so when I had the opportunity to attend the Jets-Dallas 9/11 game in one of the "Hertz Presidents Circle Suites" I jumped at the chance. I have to give the Yankees credit, at least they don't whore out every possible advertising opportunity  and end up with weird names like the Hertz Presidents Circle Suites

The topic of the Jets is a sometimes contentious one here at PTU so I should preface this post with the fact that I'm a die hard Giants fan but not as much of a Jets Hater as Hater J. I'm going to focus on some cool things in this part of the stadium that I usually don't get to see, but speaking of the game, the Jets didn't really win, Dallas just blew it as usual. Jerry Jones is never going to admit he made a mistake investing so much in Romo and the Cowboys are going to be stuck with him for a while. He has some talent, he is just the least clutch player ever.

In terms of the snootiness level, I'd have to say that the Yankees Legends Suite were a bit higher on the snoot scale. Here is a pic from the suite, which luckily our host stocked with beers, Patron, and Makers Mark.

While the guy who has this suite is primarily a Giants fan, he had some obligatory Jets fan artwork that will make Hater J cringe. Just take a look on the back wall in this picture and you will see what I mean. Would be really nice to be here when it is cold out since you can hide in the heated room and if you go out on he balcony they have heat lamps.

Last time in Yankee Stadium I obtained pictures of the fancy bathroom. Unfortunately this time the bathrooms weren't picture worthy and all I have is a picture of a flushing toilet which I will spare everyone from seeing.

Other then the Cowboys handing over the game much to the delight of Jets fans who already expect their team to win the Super Bowl, the highlight of the night was Usher sitting right below us. We thought about spilling beer on his head so we could get on TMZ but better judgement prevailed. Here is a pic of a typical Jets fan getting ready for the Super Bowl and another one of Usher looking up at us while in a drunken state we screamed some of his song lyrics at him.

I know this probably will probably make the Yankees fans embarrassed....

Apparently Usher is a Jets fan now, I'm guessing he probably hangs out with Mark Sanchez.

Here is one last picture to close the post out of Usher emailing PTU asking for us to do an interview, which we are working on.

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