Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Denis Leary – You’re An Asshole

As punishment for his purchase of ESPN’s Insider, Bagels not only gets to read the stupidity of John Hollinger, but he gets a monthly reminder of his purchase with the ever terrible “ESPN The Magazine”. I’m not a subscriber and don’t really care to read the thing at all. Bagels’ underwhelming description of the magazine has made me pretty comfortable with this choice. I’ve found his now-and-then comments to be sufficient enough to lead me to believe “The Magazine” would be better served as a weed plate than anything worth using as a means for avoiding eye contact with the homeless people on the train ride home.

Today, much to my frustration, Bagels has brought it to my attention that ESPN is releasing an “America’s Most Dominant Sports City” issue. A collection of articles devoted to the Cawk Suckas from New England. We’ve grown to accept these types of things from ESPN. This is a network that told us the Red Sox were a lock to win the AL Pennant and that the worst case scenario for the 2010-2011 Boston Celtics was a game 7 loss in the Finals.

What made me exceptionally upset is that an article titled “New York Sucks” is written by self proclaimed asshole, Denis Leary. That freckled f-ck head has made his living for the past seven years on a New York centric show. I guess it never occurred to Denis that he could have opted to make the show in New England and easily insert his drunk, womanizing character there. But then again, he may have realized that making the show NYC themed would allow him to take advantage of 9/11 for an easy plot line. He may have also realized that we have enough red headed, asshole, “tough guys”, with shitty accents on the big screen and that there may not be any room for that on the small screen.

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  1. Can't think of one red headed tough guy on either screen dude.