Thursday, September 29, 2011

PTU Great Moments In Mets History

September 29th, 2011. The Mets were in another hotly contested series against the Cincinnati Reds. Jose Reyes, the face of the Mets franchise, was about to accomplish something NEVER done before by a Mets player: Win the NL Batting Title.

It was not just about winning the batting title, it was about the courageous way in which he went about it...the Mets way. Harking back to days of true men like Ted Williams, Jose Reyes demonstrated the mental and hamstring toughness all Mets fan know he possess.

Bases empty, bottom of the first inning. An almost capacity crowd with 30% of the stadium empty. A BUNT! Reyes makes it to first. And then, the toughest decision, but the right one for a Met. Reyes takes himself out to improve his odds of winning the batting title. His manager even gave him the credit, saying it was Reyes who made the bold decision to take himself out. And that, Mets fans is how we got our first NL Batting Title. Another great day in Mets history.

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