Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Team Cam vs. The Rest of PTU

Much like the ongoing bet concerning PTU hero Kemba Walker that Hater J and I have, there's a new hero that has been embraced by the masses and inspired a friendly (not really) wager here at PTU. American treasure Cam Newton burst onto the scene last week, all but sealing his ticket to Canton with a stunning performance that came as no surprise to Bottle and I (team cam president and vice president) but still hasn't quite convinced the haters i.e. Hater J, M@d $cientist and Mr. D. of his greatness. So, the bet is as follows: If Cam matches Peyton Manning's single season total of 3739 yards, Bottle and I will write a personal blog post apology to the rest of the crew, as well as admitting that Cam is not the hero we thought he was and I will buy M@d the hero sandwich of his choice from his favorite sammich shop. If Cam inevitably gets to 3739 (which he'll probably do by week 8 or so by my estimation) then the haters will blog about how wrong they were for ever doubting C.N. and M@d will be photographed in his number 1 jersey alongside the caption "Cam is great and better than Peyton Manning". Stay tuned to see how this turns out.


  1. You fall into the "rest of PTU" camp.


  2. Week 2 for Cam:

    240 yards passing
    1 int
    1 td
    30 yards rushing

  3. I think he rushes for more, passes for less, and throws more than one pick. Wager?

  4. If Kemba is as good as Cam, I'm gonna be in heaven.