Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week 1 Picks Review

The Wins
Cowboys (+5) It was sweet to see Romo choke, awful to see Sanchez win, despite playing like junk. As a Giants fan this was the best possible result.

Ravens (-2) Looks like the Ravens took this one personal on covered easily. I don’t know if going for it on fourth down or the two point conversion are going to settle well. The November match up should be very interesting.

Lions (+1.5) Looks like I’ll have to sip the Kool-Aid one more week. Stafford limps off the field at the end of every series, but put up an impressive road opener that included over 300 yards and 2 TD’s to Megatron.

Bills (+6) Ryan Fitzpatrick throws 4 TD’s in Arrowhead and puts Bottle on notice. The Amish rifle and Harvard grad has my 3500+ pass yard prediction off to a good start.

Vikings (+9) The How long can Norv Turner keep a job with his team underperforming out of the gate every season? Marty Schottenheimer got fired after a 14-2 season and this underperforming moron keeps his gig?

Pats (-7) Last week I said, “The Pats also have a douche bag, homeless wizard for a head coach who loves running up scores on crap teams, inflating the numbers of the most P-Whipped QB this side of the Mississippi.” Mr. Bundchen supported these thoughts by airing out The Fish for 500+ yards and showing his Uggs commercial (not a very masculine line to chose to endorse).

Raiders (+3) Run DMC killed the Broncos last year and followed that up by running for 150 yards last night. Nice underdog win.

The Losses
Saints (+4) I didn’t think opening night and all the pressure could produce so many points. I was wrong and some bad short yardage plays didn’t help.

Giants (-3) Bad play calling and uninspired play on both sides of the ball. This should be enough for me to pick against these bums every week. However, I never seem to learn with my Giants.

Colts (+9) Exhibit “A” that Peyton Manning is the Most Valuable Player regardless of who wins the award at the end of the year. That was ugly.

Rams (+5) The Rams looked awesome for the first five minutes. That was about it.

Falcons (-3) I guess the Bears defense and Soldier Field were the two reasons I needed to pick against the Dirty Birds.

Browns (-6.5) Remind me to never pick the Browns laying more than a field goal…ever.

Seahawks (+5) Brutal. I cursed myself all game for actually picking Tavaris Jackson to do anything. Then something happened. Tavaris inexplicably had a huge moment cutting the deficit to two points and making my cover look awesome. I should have known not to get excited. Screw you Ted Ginn Junior...screw you.

The Pushes
Titans (+2) Kenny Britt and Hasselback got on the same page late in the game. Chris Johnson was a non factor. It’s not a good loss, but they showed a little life and some progress. It’s going to be interesting to see where this team goes.

Cards (-7) After saying, “I’m convinced Cam Newton is terrible and this entire Carolina team is going to be God awful,” the kid with fortune cookie looking ears throws for a rookie record. Arizona’s “D” is awful. Cam may not be as bad as I thought, but I have no way of telling. I expect a much different result and better gauge of where he is this week.

Season Record: 7-7-2

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