Tuesday, September 27, 2011

WNBA Finals Preview

It's that time of the year again. The sports world will soon be glued to their televisions and smart phones to follow the action that is the WNBA Finals. No NBA season this year? No problemo!

Let's take a look at what we can expect from the ladies of the hardwood.

The Philadelpia 1920ers

The 20s (named for the year women were given the right to vote in the United States) have had a stellar season in only their third year in existence. Rookie sensation Jaquila Jackson-Browne has been a revelation, repeatedly punishing opposing power forwards with her solid frame and wingspan of a 7 foot man. She's been so dominant that there was actually an investigation into whether she possessed more than just the wingspan of a man, but the results of that proved she's all lady! Speedy point guard Carmen Perez is the pride of Peru, leading all of the league in assists, steals, and (amazingly) blocked shots. Power forward Nyesha Collins leads the charge off the bench despite a recent suspension for gambling on her own games. Led by coach Sam Cassell, the Dubs (as their die hards refer to them) are looking to capture some of that same championship magic that their coach had in the NBA.

The Minnesota Dream Catchers

The Catchers have been so much more than just a tax write off for owner Paula Abdul (although they are great at that) as they stormed to a WNBA record 23 straight wins before losing on a last second three by the Omaha Sparkle's Connie "flamethrower" Winston. Despite that bump in the road, they finished with a league best 45 wins and an MVP award for third year shooting guard Shantaquekia Smith, niece of former Knicks great Charles Smith. The D.C.'s also boast the stingiest D in the league, surrendering only 30 points a contest. This series will be played with heavy hearts, however, as the franchise mourns the loss of their charismatic mascot, Splinky the Purple Unicorn after a tragic boating accident. The entire team will wear arm bands with "Splinky Forever" engraved, and this might be enough to push Smith and the rest of the Dream Catchers to their third straight WNBA title. Coached by former Laker Sedale Threatt, it looks to be a hot autumn in the twin cities.

My prediction is the Dream Catchers dethroning the 20ers for the title.

Stay tuned, hoop fans!


  1. You are really missing the NBA preseason, aren't you?

  2. I've got WNBA fever is all. They got next!