Thursday, September 8, 2011


Ladies, Gents, Children of all ages! The time has come for some FOOTBALL! Tonight's match up is The Saints of New Orleans vs The Packers of Green Bay. Rather then bore you with words on how much I love football and telling you how much you should love football, I am just going to break down the game.

Packers are going to win the game, here is why.

1. Saints defense is still Swiss Cheese, Rodgers and company will take advantage of that to the max.
2. Saints improved ground game is smoke and mirrors. The Saints will miss Reggie Bush more then they know. Teams use to have to game plan for him, now the Packers can just key in on the passing game and give Drew headaches all night.
3. Packers are at home. Short preseason + having to travel= not a good time for the Saints and their passing game that involves a lot of timing.

Even though you know the outcome, there is still plenty of reasons to watch the game. It will be exciting and its the only game in town. So put your feet up, grab some brews and chow down on your E.P.H. from Pete's and enjoy the game.

M@D out!


  1. the photo you used is too big.

  2. Small pics are the best! Yeahhhhh...

    I do think the Packers will win, mainly because they are at home and they are a slightly better team. However, I do think the Saints running game will be considerably better than it was last year, and that there is no way they'll miss hurt-all-the-time and over-rated-anyway Reggie Bush.

    Pack wins this one 27 - 20.

    Wait for Cam this Sunday.. history in the making..

  3. M@d, your HUGE pictures are making me HORNY!!!!

  4. I'm sorry, M@d, but the only other man for me is CAM.