Friday, September 30, 2011

Hater J's Week 4 Picks

After a 10 win week last Sunday, I am at 24-22-2 for the season. Here goes week 4:

Giants (-1.5) – Pick this game with extreme caution. The Giants are on a high after beating up on the “Dream Team”. Eli is looking to build on the rhythm he’s set into over the past 6 quarters of football. The Cards’ pass “D” is still quite suspect which should make for a good game through the air for the G-Men. The problem is…this is the exact type of game the Giants lose.

Ravens (-3.5) – I see this Jets bandwagon thinning out after the superior Ravens bust them up for their second straight road loss. The Jets are not an elite football team. The Ravens are.

Lions (1.5) – The Cowboys didn’t score a touchdown on Monday and looked completely lost on offense without Miles Austin. Tony Romo needed to take two shots to numb his ribs and a short week translates into less time to heal. On the flip side, the Lions showed some chops with a come from behind win a mean pass rush, and a tremendous pass offense. “Fat Boy” Suh is going to punish Romo and Megatron should have no problems exploiting this bad pass “D”.

Saints (-7) – I usually hate giving seven points, on the road, with a bad defense. These games tend to end up with the crap home team scoring a garbage time touchdown and destroying your cover, or the crap home team hanging around and keeping it close for no known reason. However, the Jags have a miserable pass offense and they have a miserable pass defense...I’m laying the seven.

49ers (+9) – According to Kenny Powers, “Patrick Willis runs like a cheetah and hits like a super pissed rhino.” His teammates have fallen in line, punishing QB’s all season. After busting up Tony Romo’s ribs, they get a shot at the crash test dummy known as Mike Vick. I can see ESPN and Berman having a segment going with a segment called Vick’s Picks after Willis scares Mike into a few more errant passes and into some more pain.

Rams (+1) –The Rams get another game at home after last week’s super awful home loss. The Redskins are coming off a short week in a game they lost without allowing a touchdown. If the Rams have any pride, they need to step up here. Look for Steven Jackson to run angry.

Titans (+1) – The Browns get a one point win at home against a bad Miami team and get to be a one point favorite against a better Titans team? I’m not buying it. Titans’ Chris Johnson is still looking for a break out game. Nate Washington is no Kenny Britt, but he’s formidable. The Titans win this one.

Bills (-3) – I hear that Benson and the Bengals are going to run to keep the ball out of Fitzpatrick’s hands. So after a bunch of third and longs followed by punts, the Bills will get the ball to light them up. Let’s go Bills.

Vikings (-1.5) – Leslie Frazier says he wants to get AP more totes. Literally translated, “Shit, I‘ve had big second half leads, I have the best running back in football, but kept passing and have no wins.” A heavy dose of AP = bad times for the awful Chiefs.

Panthers (+6.5) – Panthers will give the Bears a taste of their own medicine with “The Daily Show” and Cam doing their “Cutler to Forte” dink and dunk impersonation all the way to a cover…maybe even a win.

Steelers (+4) – The Texans still can’t close games and the Steelers step up after disappointing performances. Four points is too much to lay on a team that can’t stop hurting themselves.

Falcons (-4.5) – Tavaris Jackson, I hate you. He had no business winning that game last week. The Falcons play terribly everywhere but Georgia, but my hatred for Tavaris will not allow me to pick him. Stay away from this game.

Dolphins (-7.5) – I should have known better than to pick a Norv Turner team in September. Mike Thomas can actually give this Chargers team a few headaches. If he doesn’t, I can totally see the Chargers scoring a bundle and then going into cruise control and allowing the Dolphins back in for a cover.

Broncos (+13.5) – The Packers are the best team in football, but their secondary hasn’t looked very championship-like. Much like their game against Carolina, I see the Packers’ secondary allowing a ton of yards and a few TD’s in a game that a Packers’ win is never in doubt.

Raiders (+4.5) – Can the Pats stop anyone? I don’t think so. I’ll take the home team, getting points, and hope that Run DMC breaks a few to keep it close.

Bucs (-10)/Colts – Josh Freeman vs. Curtis Painter. I see a heavy dose of LeGarrett Blount paired with great game management from Josh Freeman in what will be an easy win for the Bucs.

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  1. No time to read your post at work, but I pick boobs to win.