Monday, September 26, 2011

Hiking On The Iranian Border: BAD IDEA

By now you've probably read the story of the American Hikers who "wandered" into Iran while on a wonderful journey of discovery. After over two years in captivity, they were finally released after "someone" paid $1MM in ransom to Iran. Apparently they didn't see my map above before leaving and ended up in Iran accidentally while hiking in the peaceful Iraqi countryside. They whined about their time in Iran despite the fact their accommodations sounded quite nice compared to some American lock-ups like the Brooklyn House of Detention (certain unnamed PTU'ers can attest to this). The whole saga ended up getting resolved only when Sean Penn asked his friend Hugo Chavez in Venezuela to appeal on the lost hikers behalf.

If you read the accounts in the media these hikers are poor lost souls who were attacked by an evil government and had Spicoli from Ridgemont high save them. The obvious questions everyone should be asking instead are:

  • Why are some idiot over-privileged UC Berkeley grads hiking around near the Iranian border? Does anyone in the world think this is a good idea?
  • Their excuse is that they started out on on innocent hiking trip in the "safe" Kurdistan region of hiking in Iraq is a great idea to begin with. 
  • Who paid the $1MM to get these jackasses free? Their families say they don't know who paid for their release, but it is obvious it was the U.S. taxpayer.
Next time you want to go hiking in a war zone or sailing through the water off the cost of Somalia be prepared to take responsibility for your own stupidity. 

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