Monday, September 19, 2011

Floyd Mayweather Jr: Still a Dick

The entire nation is buzzing about the wacky fight on Saturday. Unfortunately, none of us saw it. I was playing ping pong in Carroll Gardens with Bottle, Hater J was sleeping and everyone else was either at a bachelor party or just didn't care. Whoops. Anyway, we still have some opinions on Money Mayweather.

Floyd's the boxer everyone loves to hate. He's best buds with 50 cent, and he's definitely picked up a thing or two from Curtis about being a very obnoxious, very rich asshole. Even before Saturday's sucker punches and old man threatening, Floyd was not the most likable person. He may sport an undefeated resume and title belts galore but is he the best pound for pound fighter alive? Of course, there's one fight that every one (and I mean everyone) wants to see and would probably be the most watched pay per view event of all time. And since a young Tyson vs. young Ali is probably not going to happen any time soon, we'll settle for Mayweather Pacquiao. Will this ever happen?

PTU Boxing expert and resident Puerto Rican Hater J's thoughts:

He'll fight Pacquio. Mayweather will fight when the Pac Man finishes a big fight, is slower, older, and declining from his current prime condition. Floyd will also have a one year self imposed layoff ensuring he's fresh for the fight. When the fight happens, he will jab for 12 rounds, get into another fight with Larry Merchant, mentioning "no one respects him although he proved he's the best, yet again".

His whole career has been like that.

Look at the notable wins:
Juan Manuel Marquez fought his entire career below 135 and fought Mayweather at 144. Mayweather showed up at 147 and Marquez much lighter and smaller.
Oscar DeLaHoya - Won a split decision against a guy who was 35 and beat Felix Sturm to get a belt (and liked to wear women's clothes).
Shane Mosley - Ducked him for about 4-5 years before taking the fight. I think Mosley was 40 years old.
Ricky Hatton - Bum (and Limey).
Carlos Baldomir - waited forever to fight him.
Zab Judah - Waited until Zab lost the belt to fight him.
Arturo Gatti - Called him a "paper champ" then after beating him a year or so later cried after win saying it proved what a great champion he was.

So there you have it. Floyd is a fairly technically skilled fighter with a smoking hot fiance, but has inflated his own flawless career through evasive duck and dodge moves that would be the envy of any boxer. Floyd, to quote yourself, "you ain't shit".


  1. I agree. Cherry picking, sucker punching bum. I saw the fight and it was good until ortiz head butt mayweather. I don't understand how Mayweather could win with a sucker punch and I don't wanna hear that always keep your hands up bullshit. This isn't a street fight or WWE or maybe ill just go to mayweathers next fight and pipe him in the back of the head when he's fighting. Yet, what really makes me mad is the fact that the prior rounds showed that ortiz had a chance to win. Thats probably why Mayweather sucker punched him....... twice.

  2. Flomo is a bitch. He'll never fight Pacquiao. Here are some recent quotes from him and his team.

    -Floyd Sr: "I fear for my sons life if he fights that man [Pacquiao]"

    -Roger Mayweather: "It would be crazy for Floyd to fight Pac after Ortiz. I dont know who he's fighting next but I know it aint Pacquiao"

    -An Al Haymon affiliate gave an interview saying: "The Floyd/Pac fight will NEVER EVER happen. Certain fights arent meant to be made and this is one of them"

    -Floyd himself said Pac has to take OSDT in order to fight him. Pac now agrees. Floyd now says Pac has to get his business in order first. "I can make $70mil a fight without Pacquiao. I dont need Manny Pacquiao"

    -Floyd Mayweather Jr: "Where was he (Pacquiao) in '96, '97, '98, '99, 2000, 2001, when I was dominating the game? Now when I'm 34 they say this guy wants to fight. They didn't ask me when I was in my 20s or when I was in my teens,” Mayweather added.

  3. Matt A. I heard that Pacquiao is actually ducking Mayweather.

  4. I think the fight will happen. Flomo (I like that one) is waiting until the Pac Man in on a wheel chair.