Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hater J's Week 3 Picks

Giants (+7.5) – The Giants have not looked very good all season. Questionable play calling, sloppy play, and a lost Eli aren’t very good. The one thing I’ve noticed in watching these ugly Giants’ games, is that the defense has a decent pass rush and seems to force opposing QB mistakes when they send more than 4 pass rushers. The Eagles’ offensive line has been porous and if the Giants keep sending a rush, I can see a confused Vick throwing a few picks.

Raiders (+3.5) – Raiders are coming back home, after a big loss, and after finding a pass game that should give Run DMC some running room. The Jets spanked the lowly Jags and travel 3000 miles to face a pissed off team that has a decent run defense. I still don’t trust Sanchez to beat teams, so I’ll take the points.

Bengals (-2.5) –Jerome Simpson celebrated is breakout game by getting busted with 2.5 pounds of grass. It’s nice to see Jerome fitting in just perfectly with his Bengals brethren. The young rookie, Andy Dalton, looks just as good (if not better) than Carson Palmer last season. The young man torched a pretty bad Broncos “D” on the road, why should he struggle torching a bad 49’ers “D” at home?

Bills (+8) – Ryan Fitzpatrick is on a contract year tear and the Pats struggle to stop the pass. The Bills haven’t won this match-up in years and are tired of the annual ass kicking at home. That all may not be enough to get a win Sunday, but it may just be enough to keep it close. There is also the prospect of the Bills sneaking in a garbage time touchdown in the final 4 minutes to sneak in a cover.

Saints (-4) – Someone is winning this game by a touchdown. I don’t see many punts or field goals in what should be a display of awesome offense and bad defense. I like to take home teams in those types of games, but this game can really go any which way.

Miami (+2.5) – Miami is bad, but has some talent. Cleveland is just bad. Expect the Fish to get one of their 5 wins this year at the “Dawg Pound”

Titans (-6.5) –Run DMC torched this Broncos team for 150 yards and Andy Dalton threw on them for over 300 yards…in their house. What makes you think they’ll get it together for a road game where the Bald Bomber and Kenny Britt are clicking and Chris Johnson is looking to prove he’s worth that fat contract?

Lions (-3.5) – The Lions are for real. Stafford and company are still healthy. McNabb just looks awful and fans in Minnesota may be calling for Christian Ponder by the second half.

Panthers (-3.5) – it’s not a good day for the Hater. This hurts to write, but I really don’t see any way this putrid Jags defense stops Cam or how this putrid Jags offense scores any points on the road. Ugh

Chargers (-14.5) – I hate laying this many on the Chargers, but can anyone tell me how the Chiefs are going to manage more than three points in this one?

Ravens (-4) – The Ravens aren’t losing two straight. Especially to a bad and injured St. Louis squad (that still may win the West)

Bucs (-1.5) – Tampa went back to the basics last week. Run the ball a lot and let Josh Freeman engineer a come from behind victory while “Fox” keeps showing pictures of him and his awkward fro. The Falcons looked bad on defense again but had some bounces go their way leading to a victory. I don’t see the Dirty birds getting those bounces on the road, and it looks like the Bucs keep rolling in a home win.

Cards (-3.5) – Looks like the Tavaris Jackson experiment is going exactly how I thought it would. He suckered me into picking him once this year…I refuse to allow it to happen ever again. I know the Hags are home, but it doesn’t matter. Do yourself a favor and pick against Tavaris at all cost.

Packers (-3.5) – Cutler is already complaining about the ineptitude of the O-Line that had him on his back all of last Sunday. It doesn’t help that Cutler loves holding the ball for three days either. The Packers “D” is looking to make its first statement of the season after getting torched by the Saints and a rookie in weeks 1 and 2, respectively. Oh, and Mr. Rodgers saw what Drew Breese did last week to this Bears “D”.
Steelers (-10) – Peyton isn’t playing. No one has any reason to pick this Colts team until that changes.

Redskins (+5.5) – The Redskins are showing some grit with a solid run game, serviceable pass game, and solid defense. The ‘Boys are hurt, Tony Romo doesn’t have the most stellar track record on night games (especially against division rivals), and they can’t stop anyone’s pass game. I can see this one being played close with some big plays from Santana Moss and Tim Hightower.


  1. Pretty good picks this should keep a record for the year and see if you can beat Chris Berman.

  2. I'm 24-22-2. Need to be better than that!