Monday, August 1, 2011

A Toast To A Douchebag - Farewell Randy Moss

Upon the retirement of an athlete that should eventually find himself enshrined in the Hall of Fame, sports fans and reporters look back on that player’s career. Typically, these trips down memory lane usually focus on the great achievements we witnessed and actively ignore all of the low points ranging from things like Johnny Unitas playing for the Chargers, Roberto Alomar spitting in an umps face, or a fat Michael Jordan in a Wiz uniform.

On tonight’s SportsCenter, we will probably have to see the “Randy Moss Top Ten Highlights”. They'll surely run off his great career stats that includes seven Pro Bowls, four First Team All Pro, fifth in all time receiving yards, and second in all time receiving touchdowns. Without question, Randy Moss is one of the most talented players to play football. Some of us will look back and say, “Sh*t, that dude was good.” Others may ask, “Imagine if he actually applied himself and focused?” I will belong to neither group. I will remember Randy Moss for what he was, a total asshole. So here’s a toast to a douche bag, farewell Randy. I’m glad I never got to see you win a title.

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