Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Keeping It Real Hall of Fame: Skip to my Lou

Rafer "Skip to my lou" Alston is a streetball legend, and the only member of the And1 mixtape boogie woogiers to have a substantial NBA career (he might be the only guy to actually make the league). After witnessing his thuggin' over the past few years,though, it's no wonder that none of those other guys have landed in the pros. Skip put together a decent journeyman career, and was totally able to suppress his streetball antics on the court. He rarely ever threw a behind the back pass in an NBA game, never mind trying some of that other foolishness that would make Larry Brown throw up on the court. Off the court, though, Jamaica Queen's own Skip is apparently as real as it gets. Over the past couple years, he's been arrested for:

  • Public Intoxication and assault in Houston during his Rockets days
  • Driving well over the legal drinking limit
  • Slicing a man's throat outside of New York hot spot Stereo

And just yesterday, he got knocked for allegedly (as all of these accusations are) smashing a guy over the head with a bottle outside of Queens strip club Perfections. Is there anything this man can't do? In perp circles, Rafer's what you would call a 5 tool player: he's equally adept with a razor or empty champagne bottle as he is with the rock in his hands, and his drunk driving is as smooth as his crossover dribble. He's also been known to not back down from on the court trouble, just ask Eddie House. Until the Professor is brought up on charges of catching a buck fifty across some poor dope's face outside of 10ak, Rafer Alston will remain the lone And 1 performer in the Metta World Peace Keeping it Real Hall of Fame. Salute!


  1. You should just do an article on scoop jackson's retarded rants from Slam; that would be a month's worth of quality reads!