Friday, August 26, 2011


Earthquake hysteria is so 3 days ago. Added to the list of "scary things that you never thought about growing up in New York" is now Hurricanes. This bitch Irene has been on the lips of every man, woman and child in the tri-state since Thursday morning. Honestly, I'm already sick of this storm and we haven't had a drop of rain fall yet. Mayor Bloomberg has already declared a state of emergency, which sounds scary and apocalyptic, except I get the feeling that this is more like overcompensating for the post Christmas blizzard debacle on the part of hizzoner (I love when the Daily News calls him that). Nevertheless, most people seem to be as hysterical and nervous as a state of emergency and MTA shut down would figure to make people. Home Depots and Costcos are packed with nervous shoppers trying to stock their fallout shelters. By Sunday night, a bottle of Poland Spring will go for 50 dollars on the black market. Despite all this craziness, I'm holding out hope that this will just be a windy, rainy August day that screwed up our end of summer plans and not a cataclysmic Katrina type deal. If you see Sean Penn holding a shot gun in a canoe down Flatbush Avenue, then we have some issues.

Try not to panic and keep safe this weekend, everyone. WE WILL SURVIVE.

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