Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A.J. Go Away

Another start another no win for A.J. Burnett. Although last night's start wasn't that bad statistically, it's a record Yankees fans are all too familiar with. Burnett keeps it close for about 5 innings while running his pitch count up in the process. He then implodes, walks a bunch of people and gives up a bunch of runs while muttering things to himself as he trots off the mound. Basically, last night's start is about the best you can expect from Burnett these days. The worse is when he can't qualify for a win when staked to a 13-1 lead.

The solution to me is simple. With 5 other quality starters, you send Burnett down to work on his issues in Triple A. Or you send him to the disabled list with a phantom injury. The two pitchers who are being mentioned as rotation cuts are Hughes and Nova because Burnett is the veteran with a huge contract. However, Girardi has shown once you outlived your usefulness he won't hesitate to bench you (see Jorge). And Burnett's record was never that good to begin with, especially with the Yankees. He's had a couple dominant April stretches, and that's it. I would take the promise and potential of the two young pitchers than the slop that A.J. is throwing. And lastly, Burnett should be demoted just for that awful new haircut.

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  1. What's up with his face in that pic? He looks like something out of The Hills Have Eyes.