Thursday, August 18, 2011

Is Eli Top 5?

We do a lot of lists on here (mostly because Blacky loves them so much) but we're not the only ones. Sports fans are constantly keeping a running tally in their head of who's in the top tier of athletes at their sport. Ask any fan who's a little more than casual and he could tell you off the top of his head the top 5 or 10 players at any position, with a little variation depending on team allegiances or if the fan in question is trying to be a little show offy and throw out some obscure player, but there's a general sense of who belongs on the list. I know because I had the same conversation last Thursday while watching the first preseason game of the year at the Slob Den (preseason games leave a lot of time for conversation) and I've had this argument probably 700 times, or however many games that I've watched with people. Next to who's the hottest girl, what are we ordering to eat and who belongs in the Hall of Fame, it's what I talk about most with other dudes when watching sports. Unfortunately, Eli Manning never creeps into the top 5 during these debates.

He's taking a little heat in the papers and on local sports radio over his assertion that he's as good as Tom Brady and belongs in the top 5. I don't have a problem with him saying this, since he was just answering a reporter's question. It wasn't like he called a press conference to claim his greatness. And like he later told WFAN, what is he supposed to say? "Aw shucks, nah I suck, Tom Brady would kick my ass". I could actually hear him saying that, but I'm glad he stuck up for himself and showed some balls for once. Unfortunately, these types of leading questions get even the most modest country boy in trouble. And we all remember the flak that Stephon Marbury caught for saying he felt he was the best to a reporter's question a few years ago. However, by the unscientific findings of the Slob Den, Eli's number 7 or 8 when talking about top 10 QB's currently in the NFL (and we are all more or less Giants fans). The list that we came up with.
  1. His brother
  2. Brady
  3. Brees
  4. Vick
  5. Rogers
  6. Rivers

Then we can put Eli at 7, and that's even a stretch. I'm not sure if we could put him ahead of Roethlisberger (despite what a douche he is) and Matt Ryan and Schaub are creeping up on Eli as well.

Either way, lay off Eli. He's led a team to one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history, and despite his various screw-ups in recent seasons (that slide against Philly last season being one of the worst) and his somewhat high interception count last year (a good many of those were due to receiver butter fingers) he's still in the top tier of play callers, albeit not the very highest tier. Glad to see him showing a little life as the Giants have been kicked around by everyone before the season even starts. Top 10 isn't all that bad anyway.


  1. What do you know? Joe Namath has the biggest upset in Super Bowl History.

  2. I totally disagree with the ranking of current QBs. Peyton and Brady are cool at #1 and #2, but the rest of the list is way off. Rodgers clearly deserves to be #3 after winning the Super Bowl last year and putting up MVP-like numbers. Big Ben goes at #4 for winning 2 Super Bowls and almost winning a third last season. Brees at #5. Eli ends up going #8 on the strength of his Super Bowl win, but guys like Matt Ryan and Matt Cassel are close behind.

  3. It's only about super bowls? Brees just won the super bowl the year before. You could probably move Vick out of there. Either way, Eli's 7 or 8.

  4. Nfl. com did a list of

    The Countdown is Over!
    The final players have been revealed in The Top 100 Players of 2011, and there were no shortage of surprises throughout. The NFL Network presented a 10-part series, with each one-hour show revealing 10 players in a countdown of the top 100 in the game today as determined by the current players themselves. Each player is presented by a fellow player or coach, explaining what makes that player one of the greats in the game today

    Eli wasn't even listed as a top 100 player in the league.

    These are the QBs they listed in front of him
    Brady, Tom
    Manning, Peyton
    Brees, Drew
    Rodgers, Aaron
    Vick, Michael
    Rivers, Philip
    Roethlisberger, Ben
    Ryan, Matt
    Romo, Tony
    Freeman, Josh
    Flacco, Joe
    McNabb, Donovan

  5. Bottle, I think you might be thinking of something different, I'm not saying they're the greatest quarterbacks in terms of career or something. Just who's best right now, I don't know if Super Bowls make someone great right now.

  6. I don't agree with McNabb ahead of Eli at this point in their careers. Maybe that list is of the greatest active players, but who would you rather have as your starting QB right now?