Tuesday, August 30, 2011

PTU 2011 Pundit Predictions: NY Giants

While during baseball season we root for different teams here at PTU (Mad and myself are stupid enough to still support the Mets), we all share a common love of the NY Football Giants. For most of our lives, they've been a very dependable winning team, having played in 4 super bowls in the last 25 years and winning 3 of those. 

We've been debating what we think the Giants record will be for the 2011 regular season. Unfortunately they Giants haven't done much (if anything) to improve the team, losing Steve Smith and Kevin Boss, two security blankets for Eli. If anyone watched the pre-season game against the Jets, Eli was bad enough he almost made Sanchez look like a good QB (see Hater J's previous article for more on that). Special teams in particular looks like a mess both on kick off coverage and returns. While I like Tom Coughlin, it seems like the players don't want to play for him anymore. It's for these reasons that I'm taking a somewhat pessimistic view on what I expect the Giants' record to be in 2011. Some of my other PTU'ers have a more favorable view, so I thought it would be great to publish everyones predictions now and see how things turn out at the end of the season. Also, me and Hater J have a bet on our projections, the winner of which will receive a snooty bottle of Macallan 12 YR, so this is a critical wager.

Snoot:               8-8   (No playoffs, Coughlin loses job)
Hater J:             10-6 
Bottle:               9-7   (Make wild card despite the fact that 10-6 wasn't good enough last year)
Mad:                10-6  (He secretly loves the Dolphins but is ashamed)
Johnny Bagels:  10-6  (Also commented that Bottle will eat a turkey sandwich)

The consensus is that the Giants will end up 10-6. This is overly optimistic based on what I've seen, but either I get a bottle of Whiskey or the Giants make the playoffs, so I win either way.


  1. It does get better. I get a bottle of scotch o see the G-Men make me cry in playoffs. So that's the win win ;)

  2. I was wrong about the turkey sandwich, but I stand by my Giants prediction.

  3. Did you look at their schedule? Here are their 8 losses...
    Pats, Green Bay, Eagles twice, Jets, New Orleans, Dallas once, Let down game against Arizona since they play bad out there.

  4. They'll prob beat the Eagles one out of the two.

  5. Giants success is based mostly on a weak division. Cowboys and Redskins are in the bottom tier, as for the Eagles, Vick has only finished an entire season once. Giants have enough to win the division.

  6. Giants in the Super Bowl , they won more then 10 games and they won the Division