Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Running: Only For Skinny Africans and Women?

The title question refers to specifically competitive events, such as those sponsored by the New York Roadrunners Club, and not the activity as a general exercise. Last event that I took part in, which was a half-marathon about three years ago, about five thousand runners got in my way while I was running in a straight line, which made me think "why the hell am I doing this?" I woke up extra early (like 6 in the morning on A SATURDAY), paid $30, and all for the satisfaction of running a crowded race in which I had no chance of winning, considering that a skinny African guy finished when I was on my second mile.

Maybe I just don't get the appeal. Runners: please explain. What am I missing here?

I still run by myself twice a week, which I enjoy. I am not a yuppie chick who wants to prove to her friends that she can run a marathon. I am not a skinny African or Mexican guy with a realistic shot at winning. In other words, I can't see why these races would appeal to me in any way.

What happened to drinking beer and lifting weights? MAN UP.

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  1. NYRR club runners look like the buffet line at Ceasars Palace...Anyway, I CHALLENGE you PTU punks to race me SUNDAY JUNE 26th AT CONEY ISLAND. Its not NYRR club so its actually fun, free beer and cheeseburgers...BRING IT!!!

  2. It's $30 entry and the money goes towards some shady organization.