Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The PTU Glossary

Hello. If you've clicked on our blog these past few months you may have said to yourself "the hell? This isn't the Punjabi Technical Institute! Tomorrow's orientation, God damn it!". But if you're not an Indian engineering student and you stuck around long enough to actually read something that one of us wrote, then you may have said to yourself "What's with these guys and their funny lingo? What are they talking about?". Well, you're in luck, today we'll shed a little light on some of the words that may have had you scratching your head, if not clicking your mouse in disgust.

Perp: a common word for criminal used by police friends of the PTU staff that is also used to describe any person that dresses in a hiphop style or may resemble a criminal of some sort.

Perp Shoes: Sneakers

Yam (also yamming, yammable
): To have sex, or be worthy of sex.

Turkey Nest: A keeping it real bar in Williamsburg.

Keep it Real: Lacking pretension or snootiness.

Snooty: Anything that is beloved by hipsters or pretentious. Also the name of a PTU original.

Creeper: One who cheats on his wife or girlfriend

Yeeeeeeah: I agree with you or am excited about what you are talking about, or can be a substitute for any word, really..

THE BOMB: Primarily used by Bottle but means something is the best.

Fun Boy: a gay person or someone who acts less than manly.

UN: an expression for anything that is very bad.

Slob Den: Home to M@d $cientist and Captain Power and another guy.

Hop Devil Grill: A bar on the Lower East Side of Manhattan frequented by the PTU staff and home of Taco Tuesdays (where M@d had his shining moment).

Derek Harper: Former NBA player for the Mavericks, Knicks and Lakers and frequent PTU commenter.

Bay Ridge: Formerly great neighborhood in Brooklyn where most of PTU has lived at some point in their lives (and some still do).

Back Room: Place of childhood memories, teenage parties, and adult PTU meetings

Snoot's Ass: Known as one of the largest asses in history. The only competition is J.Lo, Rick Mahorn and Kim Kardashian. Has been blamed for lunar eclipses. Was featured in the magazine Blogger Butts. Last seen in Johannesberg.

Cookie Puss: One time commenter who engaged in battle with Blacky over Derek Jeter's legacy or something.

Dickhole: Hater J's favorite insult, currently insult of the year.

: A british and PTU term for being really drunk. Usually said like this: twasteddddddd.

Bottle: Local term for weed. Also a PTU original.

You got no moves: One of Bottle's favorite insults. Usually means that the person he is insulting lacks moves.

I'll bust you, son: Also a Bottle favorite.

If any of the other PTU contributors have words that I missed, let me know. Will update every year like Webster's.

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  1. Should Derek Harper be in the glossary?