Thursday, June 16, 2011

Da Canucks Lose to Boston, EY!

I don't know what accent I least prefer listening to: Canadian or Boston.

Turns out that the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup Finals to the Boston Bruins. It may be my New York City bias speaking, but I really feel for the Canucks. Imagine that: I care less for the American Bruins than I do for the Canadian Canucks (Is that redundant?). Let's face it, despite Boston's long sporting tradition, losing to any Boston based professional team is like losing to you're pre-adolescent younger brother at any sport. It should be no surprise then that a riot resulted in Vancouver from the Bruin win.

The Assosciated Press reports that as soon as the final buzzer sounded, a hail of beer bottles rained down - empty of course, these are Canadians we're talking about here. "Autos" were flipped, "rubbish" littered the streets that eventually became rivers of alcohol, and fireworks were thrown around like it was May 2-4. Vancouver had to deploy its whole police force to try and sequester the carnage. But alas, the 10 Member Riot Team deployed was quickly overwhelmed by a crowd of seven-thousand.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Roberstson (never trust a man with two Canadian first names) described the scenes as "embarrassing and shameful". 

"The vast majority of people who were downtown were there to enjoy the game in a peaceful and respectful manner," he said. 

"...Apparently not," I said.


  1. What is the popular sport nowadays in Detroit (besides murder)?

  2. The Running Game is a popular sport, but Hockey slightly edges it out.

  3. I can care less about hockey; however, it pains me to see a Boston team win anything.

  4. Someone's gotta cover the Hockey Beat.

  5. Your 5th grade English teacherJune 16, 2011 at 10:36 AM

    The correct term is that you *couldn't* care less. If you can care less that means there is a level of caring below your current level of caring.

  6. The fact that I commented and read at all means I care a small small bit ;)

    @Motown - We have a policy against covering the NHL, however, given your knocking of Canadians and Bostonians...we'll let this slide.

  7. I guess I need to read the PTU handbook