Friday, June 3, 2011

Dr. Death dies on National Donut Day. Reaction: "How sad!"


Jack Kevorkian, dubbed “Dr. Death” by The Media, has died at the age of 83 after a blood clot from his leg broke free and got lodged in his heart (possibly from eating donuts). Dr. Kevorkian suffered from Hepatitis C and Diabetes (prossibly from eating donuts as well), and is known for his work with assisting the terminally ill commit suicide.

Jack Kevorkian, as some of you may know, is a Detroit native, where even the doctors think you’re better off dead. I say that with slight jest, I actually supported ole’ Kevorkian’s working philosophy (and even some of his Art). His Eastern European roots no doubt influenced his sardonic character and wit as it has many-a-Detroiter.

Without going too much into it, I believe he was wrongfully imprisoned in to 90s for his work in assisting The Terminally Ill take their lives. Government says that a man/woman has complete providence over their life except when they want to end it. To that I say,  "Nay!" If I have the right to live life to the fullest, I should also have a right to end it when I deem appropriate in the way I would like (as long as no physical harm comes to others as a result). I should have a right to all aspects of my life.
Note: I would like to die eating a donut while skydiving.

Considering that Dr. Jack passed on National Donut Day, the crowd here in Detroit is especially sad.

Reactions, on this, a sad day:
"They should bury him with the key to the city. He is an appropriate mascot for a dying city..." ~Blog Contributer

"I shall celebrate by eating a Donut." ~Anonymous

The bus driver that shuttles me through the ghetto every week said, "Child, you crazy!" As she bit into the free donut I gave her.

"I eat a Donut every morning before going to work. Now this?" exclaimed one Detroiter that amazingly still has a job.

"Donuts are the bomb." ~Coworker

"Dr. Kevorkian used to walk around Royal Oak (the Detroit equivalent of NYC's Williamsburg) Was he a hipster or just creepy? ~Royal Oak Party Girl

Consider this a Memorial to you, Dr. Jack.


  1. Hard to hate a guy who kept it real or donuts. Here's a chocalate frosted with sprinkles to you Dr. Jack.

  2. At least he never helped a donut commit suicide. That I would have a problem with.