Tuesday, October 11, 2011

M@d's 5 Observations About The First 5 Weeks

1. The NFL is a passing league as evidenced by the fact that there are currently 4 QB's who are on pace to break Dan Marino's single season record of 5084 yards. Three of those QB's are pictured above and if you care to know about the 4th just click this link.

2.Rushing attempts are way down, the current leaders in attempts is Adrian Peterson, he is on pace to average 22 carries a game and finish with 352 attempts, that will good for 54th all time in a season, he won't even break his personal attempts record of 363.

3. The two above current patterns in the NFL can not and should not continue. As the season progresses all teams will be hindered by the weather and other elements, and coaches should come to realize that they can't win shootouts with certain teams and will turn to their running games to protect leads and keep other teams off the field.

4. There are some crazy surprise teams out there but I'll start with Buffalo. When the season started they didn't make any flashy additions , but they actually found a way to get better with some subtractions, trading Lee Evans who for a long time had been an explosive player, but was always plagued by inconsistency. The toughest move for the Bills, though, was just outright cutting Aaron Maybin.Why was this such a tough move? The organization basically admitted that they made a mistake by drafting him with the 11th pick of the first round in 2009 (not every organization can and will do that) and it's that type of self reflection that has the Bills winning more games against opponents they normally would have lost to last season. The second biggest surprise for me is the Lions, every NFL analyst could have told you that they would be better but if any of them told you they would be 5-0, you would think they would have lost their mind. Their start is impressive but I'm looking forward to the rest of their season as they don't have a single cupcake finishing up their schedule. The 3rd and final surprise for me is the San Francisco 49ers. Not that they are tops in their division(Its the weakest division in my opinion), but the play of QB Alex Smith,who has been written off so many times and this season looks like he finally has figured it out. Smith is currently 3rd in QB passing rating.

5. The NFL seems to be the most fun it has been in years, with so many comebacks and talented players. I feel like for the first time in a long time the game is the focus, and not the mouth's of players with huge egos like Chad Ochocinco, Randy Moss, or Terrell Owens.

I feel this is going to be one of the best seasons in NFL history, and I hope you all enjoy the show.


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