Friday, October 28, 2011

Hater J's Week 8 Picks

Dolphins (+10) – Bye weeks are nice. For one week a season, Giants fans get reprieve from the disappointment associated with a loss to a team they should beat by two touchdowns, some bone head play (or non play) made by a super talented but super stupid wide out, or even an untimely INT from their polarizing QB. But now back to reality. The Giants are a good team with a lack of leadership. This is the type of game your head coach makes sure you're ready for and makes sure you win, especially with Rodgers and Brady coming up soon on the schedule. It's also the type of game the Giants choose to play to the level of competition and force fans to sweat out an ugly win. Take the points.

Titans (-8) – The fka Oilers got housed, at home, and are mighty pissed. The Colts are already taking Andrew Luck's measurements. This game can get really ugly, really quick.

Jags (+9.5) – The Texans are like the "Giants-South". A week after going on the road, dominating a division rival, and asserting themselves as the "team to beat in that division", is the perfect week for them to have a letdown. They get a lowly Jags team who secretly play good defense, play hard, and run the ball well. I'll take the points.

Vikings (+3.5) – Cam Newton gets stats and rarely wins. He's also starting to take a ton of hits now that teams are forcing him to run. The Vikings pass D is not great, but they'll double up Smith and give Jared Allen just enough time to introduce himself to Cam's ribs. The inaccurate Newton may ultimately get the win here, but I think he will make one mistake too many to win by more than a field goal.

Saints (-13) – The saints rarely cover on the road but they should be able to score 21+ points on the Rams. Does anyone trust the Rams and AJ Feely to score more than 7?

Cards (+12) – Joe Flacco sucks, a lot. The Cards are awful in the secondary, but if they avoid the pass interference offense that the Ravens employ, they should be able to hang around for a respectable loss.

Note> Flacco loves throwing the ball 50 yards up field hoping for a pass interference call. This usually comes after throwing 3-4 incomplete passes that look scarier than his eyebrows.

Redskins (+6) – Buffalo hates playing in Toronto (as they should). But they hate playing run defense. I don't like the Skins, but I hate laying 6 on a neutral field with a middle-of-the road team that plays bad run defense.

Lions (-3) – Unless Jesus Christ himself comes down from the stands and suits up in a Broncos uniform, I'm not picking them.

Steelers (+3) – Steelers have lost 5 of the last 6 against the Pats. You have to think the Steelers are due to win one at home, right?

49ers (-8.5) – Jim Harbaugh has his team focused. A home game, coming off a bye week, against the miserable Browns team should be a big win. Their head coach’s leadership makes this team the anti Giants.

Bengals (-3) – I don’t love this pick, but the bye was probably enough to get Andy Dalton ready for the noise at Seattle.

Cowboys (+3) – The Eagles can’t stop the run. Dallas just ran for over 250 yards. That’s enough for me to take the points

Chiefs (+3.5) – Can anyone explain how Norv Turner is in his 5th year as head coach of the Chargers? Marty Schottenheimer lead this team to a 14-2 record, lost to the Patriots in the AFC Championship game (when the Pats were still cheating and still winning those) and got fired. Norv can’t even get his team ready to run a decent 2 minute offense after a bye week. Screw you, Norv.

The College Run Down: Marshal -6, Clemson -3.5, Michigan St +4.5, Utah -5, Kansas St +13.6, Syracuse +3


  1. I hate that you are right about the Giants game...

  2. I'm going with Jesus with the football untill he loses, giants will cover.