Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In Defense of Hank Williams Jr.

Might be a little late here but I thought someone besides Kid Rock should step up in defense of Hank Williams Jr. He's definitely an idiot and an ass backwards redneck (look at that photo up there and say he's not) but what he said has been misreported all over the place. He compared Obama and Boehner playing golf together to Hitler and Netinyahu cavorting. This is an unbelievably dumb statement, but he didn't say "Obama is Hitler" as most people seem to be saying. His comparison is iffy to be sure, but I don't think worthy of a firing. Understandably any mention of Hitler is in poor taste but I think HWJ was just making a dumb analogy, basically that the right and the left in America gadding about on a golf course was like the enemy fraternizing. This is extremely stupid stuff and represents a pretty scary and misguided idea about American politics (does he really think that the Democrats and Republicans should never come in contact with each other in a friendly manner?) but not as incendiary as "Obama is like Hitler". Rather, in his own moronic redneck way, he was trying to convey that the relationship between Obama and Boehner is like Hitler and Netinyahu. He could have said it's like Darth Vader and Han Solo or the Yankees and the Red Sox or something like that and I don't think there would have been the shitstorm that followed. It was a poor choice of words by an entertainer who shouldn't be held to the same standards as a political pundit or Senator. We just want to hear about him and his rowdy friends enjoying a Monday night like he's sung to us every Monday for what seems like forever. Sure, he's an idiot, but his message wasn't as idiotic as some might think. Sadly, we will all be ready for some football on Monday nights with no rowdy friends to share it with. Maybe the new theme can be sung by someone who never, ever under any circumstances will open their mouth on Fox and Friends. Is Kid Rock busy these days?

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