Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Johnny Bagel's Perp Shoes of the Week: Huarache Edition

If you grew up in the 90s or you just saw ESPN's documentary earlier this year, you know that Michigan's Fab 5 were a cultural phenomenon. Four freshman that were young, brash and extremely influential on on and off court style from their baggy shorts to their sneakers. Those sneakers were (for the most part) classic Nikes, none more classic than the Huaraches.

The Huaraches have been modified throughout the years and have been rereleased in several different incarnations, most recently the Huarache 2k4's (of which I own a couple pairs). As is the case with most sneakers, or really anything that is recreated, the original is the best. They don't really look like any other basketball sneakers, and maybe that's what made them so cool. While most of the basketball world rocked Jordans or some generic Flights or Delta Forces back then, Webber and his boys wore a sneaker that looks like it should be worn just walking around town or maybe skateboarding, not leading a swaggering basketball revolution. Without a doubt, one of my favorite perp shoes of all time worn by some of my favorite players of my youth.

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