Friday, June 8, 2012

LeBron James: Not Who We Thought He Was?

June 7th will forever be known as a national day of mourning for haters everywhere. Fly your "LeBron sucks" shirts at half staff, and let's have a moment of silence for Skip Bayless, who's trying so gosh darn hard to still be the supreme hater. It wasn't supposed to happen like this. Similarly to how a 2010 NBA Finals game 7 can make Kobe worshippers like myself question the guys "clutchness", 2012 ECF game 6 just messed up every LeBron haters' game. He didn't just have a good game in one of the biggest contests of his career. He absolutely DOMINATED the Celtics. 45, 15 and 5. 30 in the first half when he tore the Celtics and their fans' hearts out. And these weren't garbage time stat padding points he put up. In fact, in garbage time he was content to pass, mostly, and then sat with 3 minutes left and a comfortable Heat lead. Every time the Celtics sniffed a comeback he hit another tough jumper in a Celtic face. And he kept hitting jumpers all night. This wasn't the LeBron that picked up garbage baskets off layups and free throws off dubious foul calls. He didn't even take that many threes. It was 20 footer after 20 footer, 19 out of 27 shots to be exact, with a few free throws tossed in for good measure. Everyone knows we've been as merciless in our ridicule of the "King" and his vagina since the inception of this little blog, but I have to give him props for coming through the way he did. All a hater can hope for is a return to normalcy tomorrow night in Miami, so we can all get back to making fun of this guy. Usually after a unconscious offensive game like last night, a player will come back to Earth the following game. Heat fans might wish that he had done this one game later. After all, I've been suckered into thinking the haters were dead before.

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