Friday, June 15, 2012

Sorry That Your Breastfeeding Makes Us Act Weird

Breast feeding is a big topic these days. First, there was the wacky Time cover with the toddler hanging off his mother's breast, and now there are the military women who are under fire for some questionable photos, and by questionable I mean really kind of weird (see above). As a mature adult, on behalf of the male species, let me just say: I'm sorry, ladies, but boobs make us act weird. I know it's in keeping with the neo feminist ideals to view breast feeding as as natural as a sunset, and if people are either creeped out or curious about it then they are neanderthals or sexists (or both), but we have been conditioned to look at boobs a certain way. When they come out of your shirts, we look at them. Bring a baby into the equation, and that creates problems. We want to look but then it is just gross and weird. To expect people not to feel a little funny about women just whipping out their breasts on the train or in a crowded Applebees is expecting a lot more of American people than I think is fair. Say what you want about how society has brainwashed people into looking at nursing as weird or whatever, but it is what it is. Recently, I read an article with a feminist bent that was supposedly exposing the unbelievably horrible new fetish that is "men peeping on women breast feeding". The author disgustedly detailed how these degenerates were using hidden video cameras to capture co workers breast feeding. THEY GET OFF ON INFANTS DRINKING MILK!!! While it's true that those guys are sick pervs who should be punished and I'm not apologizing for them, I guarantee they just wanted to see their co worker pop her boob out of her shirt. And that's the problem we will always have with public breast feeding. Women (especially mothers) see it as a natural loving act between a mother and child (which it is), and everyone else just sees your titty out.

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