Thursday, February 23, 2012

PTU Oscars Preview

It's that time again. Roll out the red carpet, toot a couple lines and get ready for celebrities to congratulate themselves for 4 hours. I'll be watching the NBA All star game this Sunday night, and I assume many of you might be doing the same, but this is what all your girlfriends and wives will be talking about on Monday. As a disclaimer I'd like to say that I didn't see most of the movies nominated this year but I'm going to take a couple stabs at who I think will be giving tearful speeches at the podium Sunday night anyway. What are my predictions?

Best Actor

The Guy from The Artist

TGFTA narrowly beats out George Clooney, only because Clooney's won already and the Academy would love to give this to a guy who barely had any lines. "Acting!"

Best Actress

Michelle Williams

This is a tough one since Glenn Close, Meryl Streep and Williams all are nominated for really show offy performances that the Academy loves to give awards out for. Play ugly, retarded or drug addicted and you're guaranteed at least a nomination. Close played a woman in drag, Streep supposedly transformed into Margaret Thatcher but Michelle Williams is getting tons of buzz as Marilyn Monroe and it would be a feel good story for her.

Supporting Actor

Christopher Plummer

I'd like Jonah Hill to win just because I've probably seen every movie he ever did (including Moneyball, one of the few flicks nominated that I saw). And Max Von Sydow is reportedly very good in the mostly otherwise hated Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, but since I already picked one guy who barely has any lines, Plummer gets the nod.

Supporting Actress

Octavia Spencer

The Oscars loves films that deal with race, even if they're not even that great (Crash, The Blind Side), so I expect to see the lady who played one of the maids in The Help take home an Oscar even if the movie gets shut out in every other category.


The Guy Who Directed The Artist

I think the Artist will take this one, although I'll be rooting for hometown hero Woody Allen to win for his biggest hit to date. The Artist seems to be the type of movie that will dominate the Oscars, even if you don't know anyone besides Bottle who's seen it yet. It's just artsy enough but not too artsy to alienate people. Artist domination.

Best Picture

What else? The Artist for the reasons mentioned above.


  1. Pretty spot on guys.

  2. Yeah, stupid Meryl Streep is the only one that messed up my picks.