Friday, February 17, 2012

Live BlogLINing?(our first quarter thoughts of Knicks Vs Hornets)

PTU's first Quater comments of Knicks vs Hornets.

M@D: Lin looks tired.Johnny Bagels : Yeah slow start. Need to wake up.
Snoot: Knicks look bored so far , He needs more stamlina
Johnny Bagels : (Jokingly ) 2 points 5 turnovers. Trade him.
Snoot:Kaiman is posting and toasting the knicks
Snoot:Really looks like whole team doesn't feel like playing this game
M@D:Lin looks he doesn't even want to be there.
Johnny Bagels:Terrible first quarter, they'll come back.
Hater J: I hate Lebron James
Johnny Bagels:For the bandwagoners, nba teams have bad quarters.

Stay tuned for 2nd Quarter reaction

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