Saturday, February 18, 2012

Knicks vs Hornets Recap: Can't Lin 'em all

It had to come to an end eventually right? With the unbelievable luck the Knicks have had these past two weeks you knew that eventually things would return to at least a semblance of normalcy. The Knicks came out flat against an awful Hornets team and were running uphill the entire game, a hill that proved too steep to climb even for America's sweetheart. Speaking of Lin, he hit a couple of big shots in the 4th, but once again his propensity for turnovers reared it's ugly head (really the only negative that the Knicks have seen during this run) and this time it really cost the team along with the awful three point shooting. Shumpert played with energy when most of the team didn't, but he also played out of control at times. We'll see what happens when the Knicks welcome back Carmelo and also welcome for the first time J.R. "super perp" Smith this Sunday. The team wasn't going to win every game, but you would have hoped the let down wouldn't have happened against the equivalent of a D-league team dressed like a King cake. Hopefully the bandwagon fans haven't tossed all of their Linsanity shirts aside just yet, though, the season is about to get interesting. Or should we say Linteresting? No, let's not say that. The actual Knicks team will be suiting up soon that consists of Carmelo, Lin, Amare and the rest. Let's see what happens, it should be fun despite the disappointment tonight.

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