Monday, March 12, 2012

Today in Met Failures: 3/12/12 Update

Apparently some bullpen catcher for the Mets named Eric Langill was arrested for drunk driving, adding to the misery for the Mets. According to MSNBC.COM, after a wild night of bowling with his teammates he hit a fountain and flipped his car over.

Langill, 32, was driving a white Honda Accord Sunday night in Port Saint Lucie when he apparently took a hard right at an intersection ahead of the traffic circle, causing him to drive over a curb and a sidewalk, hit a sign and eventually a concrete fountain, where the car flipped over, according to a police report.
The police report said Langill said he was heading home from a bowling alley and was cut off by another car.
The police report noted Langill had "a strong odor of alcohol," along with slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and a flushed face. He told the officer he had consumed two drinks, later saying two to three drinks.
In other news, the team made an announcement on Facebook that they've FINALLY listened to fans and installed a blue wall. Our prayers have been answered. Fan response was quite positive :
"Dodger BLUE, sell the team crooks"
"We are supposed to be happy about this? Stop acting like you are doing us a favor". 
To round out the bad news, some guy named Tim Byrdak, who was apparently the only lefty in the bullpen, is having surgery for a torn meniscus and will begin the season on the DL.
Mets 2012, we all have something to prove! YAY!

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