Monday, March 12, 2012

Redskins and Cowboys punished by the NFL

As a Giants fan, as most of us writers here on PTU are, there is nothing we love to do more (save for winning the Superbowl) than watching the rest of the NFL East wallow in their own misery. Whether its Vick getting his ribs broken or Romo coming up short in fourth quarters or the Redskins just existing, we hate our rivals.

The NFL has determined that the Redskins and the Cowboys gamed the unwritten rules regarding uncapped 2010 year too much according to their standards. In effect, they front loaded a lot of money in the uncapped year to gain a competitive advantage over other teams. So the league punished them by allocating them a smaller cap number for the next two years. The Cowboys will lose 10 million in cap space and the Redskins will lose 36 million in cap space. They can spread out the cap hit over two years however they like. Each team in the NFL, with exception to the Saints and Raiders, will gain an additional 1.6 million in cap space.

This really hurts the Redskins more than the Cowboys even if you adjust for the cap amount they were docked. The Redskins just gave up a kings ransom to have the number 2 pick in the draft instead of their current number 6. They were banking on their 40 million under the cap space for this year to fill out their roster around RG3. Now, not so much.

I won't go into whether this is or isn't fair. All I know is that it puts a smile on my face. As Nelson would say, "Ha Ha".

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