Saturday, March 10, 2012

Peyton Manning Will Play for the Denver Broncos

My inside sources have told me that Peyton Manning will sign with the Denver Broncos (These not the same inside sources that said the NBA lock out would last 2 years)

My source has told me Peyton is signing with Denver for the following reasons.

1. Denver has over 50 Million in Cap space,this will allow Peyton Manning to get paid, and bring in such players as Reggie Wayne, Jeff Saturday , and Dallas Clark. At the same time this extra cap space will allow Denver to go after free Agents like Mario Williams which will only bolster the good defense that Denver had in 2011.
2. The AFC west is Joke compared to every other Division and it would be a cake walk for Peyton and his new team.
3. Denver has a wealth of football experience with John Fox and John Elway making the majority of football decisions. Other teams in the mix can't offer that.
4.Tim Tebow, now becomes either juicy trade bait or one of the most dangerous end zone players in the game. The options this creates for Denver's new offense will have opposing defenses spinning for weeks.

Basically Denver will mortgage their future in order to get themselves closer to a Super Bowl, then they have been in the past few years.

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