Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dear Johnny Bagels

I would like to introduce a new segment at PTU, we recently got a letter from a reader and they wrote.

"Dear Johnny Bagels, I am casual but busy fan of the Knickerbockers of New York, and I heard that our coach recently resigned, and I have no idea who our interim coach is. I know I can just Google the answer but, I would like some more analysis ,for example will this interim be a long term solution? Can any coach make this team respond besides Phil Jackson?
Thank you for your time in this response.

Signed (I left the person's e-mail address out for confidentiality )"

Well if you other readers would like to ask me, Johnny Bagels, or another PTU writer a question feel free to e-mail us at.


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  1. The interim coach is Mike Woodson, a guy who was actually drafted by the Knicks spent many years as an assistant coach and then a head coach in Atlanta, where the Hawks made the playoffs 5 years in a row. He's known as more of a defensive guy than Mike D (who isn't though?) but also is more into half court play and isolation offenses. He was even criticized for isolating Joe Johnson too often when he coached ATL. I think another coach could get this team to respond (Jerry Sloan or even Woodson himself), Phil Jackson is not some man with mystical powers despite his reputation and I doubt he wants to leave his ranch to deal with these headaches. Depending on how the rest of this season pans out, Woodson could be hired as full time coach next season. We shall see.