Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Manning to be released

Rumor has it that the Colts will release Peyton Manning tomorrow to avoid the 28 million dollar cap hit. Apparently Rob Lowe is a prophet. It makes sense from a purely business perspective as they can't rebuild with two quarterbacks taking up such a large portion of their salary cap. So where would Manning spend his golden years as a qb? Let's run down the list in no particular order.

1. Washington Redskins: They are desperate for a winning season. Shanahan has to show some improvement during his tenure and his qb situation is one of the worst in the league. Washington always like to make big splashes in free agency. Not likely for Manning though because the Redskins are too far away from contending for a SuperBowl.

2. NY Jets: Everyone is hating on Mark Sanchez right now and rightfully so. They have a playoff caliber defense and some decent skill players on offense but not much else. Manning automatically makes them a wild care favorite and real contenders to the Patriots in the East. I don't see this happening because I don't think Manning wants to be in NY under Eli's shadow.

3. Miami Dolphins: I think Miami makes a lot of sense on a couple of fronts. They have an Pro Bowl receiver in Edwards, a resurgent Reggie Bush and play makers on defense. Plus, they offer a home stadium that is the closest thing to a dome that Peyton enjoyed in Indy. Not to mention they don't have a qb as Henne is an unrestricted FA coming off an injury.

4. Cleveland Browns: Not enough talent and too cold. No way in hell.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars: They have a shitty rookie qb (Gabbert) and a disinterested fanbase. See #4.

6. Kansas City: Darkhorse option. They play in a crappy division. They have Bowe and hopefully a healthy Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry coming back next year.

7. The entire NFC West minus the Rams: Arizona can sell Manning on the Kurt Warner role. Tarvaris Jackson is the starting qb in Seattle, enough said. And does anyone really trust Alex Smith?

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  1. I'm voting Miami. Do you think Harrison goes with him?