Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jump Off The Tebow Bandwagon While You Still Can

Everyone here at PTU knows that Bottle has been a long time Tebow lover, along with our fellow blogger CAPTAIN POWER. If you've watched any of his recent games where he was able to eek out a win, you got to witness the announcers falling prey to Tebow fever. I fear this is also happening to some of our other PTU'ers, as even Mad has been impressed by Tebow lately. 

I'm here to tell you that you must resist the urge to jump on the Tebow bandwagon. Sure his team has rallied around him for some wins, but there are some key reasons this is short lived. 
  • It's actually the #1 ranked running game that has helped the Broncos win.
  • Yes Tebow is smart and reads the opposing defense well, but you can't say they win because of Tebow when their passing game is ranked #31. 
  • For the most part, Tebow's wins have come against poor teams. In particular many of these teams have a weak run defense, which matches up well for the Broncos. 

When the Broncos have to play a team with a strong run defense who have any type of offense, it's not going to go as well for them. I tried to make a bet with Bottle that Tebow won't win a playoff game in the next 5 years but he turned me down. Tebow may be fun to watch and he will win some games, but make sure you don't get caught on the Tebow wagon. 


  1. First off, a big reason their run game is ranked #1 is because of Tebow's rushing yards.

    Second, they won most of their games on the road, including a sweep of their division. Two of their wins - against the Jets and the Raiders - may have been against playoff teams.

  2. "He said iron sharpens iron and men sharpen other men. And I think that's totally true," rookie linebacker Von Miller told The Post. "He gave us a great speech. We came out (for the game) fired up. And that was a wrap."

    Tebow, when told of his teammates' reaction to Saturday's speech, was touched.

  3. Mike Vick and Cam Newton both have more rushing yards than Tebow and they also can throw the ball.

  4. Running game is #1 because they run more running plays than any other team and they happened to play a bunch of teams with poor run defense.