Thursday, October 4, 2012

M@D's Bi-Weekly "What hell is my team up to"

If I had a power ranking system, you can guess who I think is the best team in the league right now.


NY Jets:
"WE BLOW WE BLOW" Wait that's not what they are chanting in the stadium? They want Tebow? Well surprise, surprise. They have done nothing to improve themselves and they lost KEY CB and KEY WR . Unless Tebow is truly the son of some deity , expect the Jets to have a top 3 pick, which they will use to draft a tight end lol.

New England Pats:
Use to be a "lock" Team now you have to ride the Brady coaster every week, Brady use to make any receiver look like a top 10 talent, now its beginning to be like a circus, expect ring leader Bill to shake things up and fix the course.

Miami Dolphins:
This team still stinks and I still question Reggie Bushes ability to finish the season. Nothing has been done to change my opinion.

Buffalo Bills:
Bills have issues at Running Back, no one ca hold onto the ball or stay healthy. The success of the Bills passing attack is based on you respecting the run, "No Run? No FUN!"


Baltimore Ravens:
No changes from last week, Flaco is magic at INTs and the defense is still good, they can win the division.

Cincinnati Bengals:
Bengal ball is a fun thing to watch, A.J. Green knows how to play.
Pittsburgh Steelers:
Ben and the Steelers are coming off a bye week, I expect them to defeat philly easy.

Cleveland Browns:
Browns are approaching Kansas City levels of being bad, but they are not known for their ribs. Their young QB showed flashes of maybe getting it done, but his receivers don't hold onto the ball.


Houston Texas:
4-0 they beat up on bad teams not really rested yet, other then beating up on the Broncos. Expect them to beat the NY Jets easily

Indianapolis Colts:
Andrew Luck not so bad, keeps the team in the game, not too many rookie mistakes, with some weapons around him could be playoff bound in two years.

Jacksonville Jaguars & Tennessee Titans
 No playoffs no hopes for these teams at the moment. Titans should be 0-4 is not from miscues by the Lions

AFC West

San Diego Chargers
Don't like this team fool you please. The Saints will show how bad this team is Sunday Night.

Denver Broncos
Manning and the Broncos have really started to figure each other out. They will surpass SD Chargers.

Oakland Raiders
What is Raider football? Does it involve winning? Somebody let me know.

Kansas City Chiefs:
Kansas City Still has great Ribs


San Francisco  49ers
Still my Pick to be in the Super Bowl, when they are motivated you see what they can do. 

Arizona Cardinals
Less Smoke & Mirrors and more better QB and Defensive play is what has made this team un-defeated, believe it or not tonight's game against the Rams is a test.

Seattle Seahawks:
Hey this team brought the refs back.

St. Louis Rams:
I wish someone would loop back Steven Jackson , I miss you. You use to be given the rock 30 times a game and just run wild. Now every shot of you is on the sideline with a ice pack on some part of your body. 


Atlanta Falcons:
Good at home, so so on the road, sucky in the playoffs, finish how ever you want, no real future here.(Not changing this from last week)

Tampa Bay Bucs:
The Ship is sinking.....

Carolina Panthers:
Hey Cam Newton plays on this team, YAWN!!!! He is no longer Special, yes he is part the mold of young , fast, expanding the pocket QBS, but this type of QB will be hard pressed to win anything other then a division in the next few years, as other personal has not caught to their abilities. Another high first round pick for the Panthers coming up(Not changing this from last week)

New Orleans Saints:
I told you two weeks ago, this team needs his head coach more then you thought, but I know football and you will too if you keep reading my articles. ;) By the way, Drew has a chance to break a record that basically stood forever and against the SD Chargers its a lock. Read more about Johnny Unitas here

Its all about the Chicago Bears, that defense is finally fully healthy and good.


Philadelphia Eagles:
M. Vick is due for an injury, they should get blown out by Pittsburgh this week.

Dallas Cowboys:
 Romo, HA HA HA, HA, HA,(one for every INT thrown last Monday night) 

Washington Redskins
Guys hurt everywhere, RGIII still exciting.

If the Giants lose the browns, you know what that means? Nothing! When they fail to make the playoffs, then I'll worry.

Its a great season. See you in two weeks.

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