Thursday, October 18, 2012

M@D's Bi-Weekly "What hell is my team up to" Week 6


Every team is in first, every team is in last.

New England:
 is doing some amazing things on offense, but if they can't hold leads it won't matter what they do.

New Jets:
Tebow is lining up at running back during practice, this will happen during their next game, TIMsanity will follow.

Pipe dream

Miami Dolphins:
Come on don't be kidding your self.

Baltimore Ravens:
Old dudes are getting hurt left and right, Ray Lewis is hurt, its like losing a starting QB expect the AFC north to be more competitive

Cincinnati Bengals:
Bengal ball is not winning football, A.J. Green might be the best WR in the league in terms of potential
Pittsburgh Steelers:
Steelers are getting healthy , Ben is balling with a Hurting Ravens , expect them to catch up.

Cleveland Browns:
They might be getting a good college coach. Not much more to talk about the Browns


Houston Texas:
5-1 they ran into an Angry Arron Rodgers , if your team has an elite QB you can beat them. Baltimore thinks they have one so lets what happens when they face the Ravens.

Indianapolis Colts:
If you lose to the Jets you can't make the playoffs

Jacksonville Jaguars & Tennessee Titans
 Tennessee has good music, Jacksonville has good weather. Not much to say on the football front.

AFC West

San Diego Chargers
Don't like this team fool you please! Don't like this team fool you please! Don't like this team fool you please! Don't like this team fool you please! Don't like this team fool you please! Don't like this team fool you please!
This team will break your heart every time.

Denver Broncos
Manning knows how to play football and more importantly QB they will win the division.

Oakland Raiders
What is Raider football? Does it involve winning? Somebody let me know.(No Change from Last week)

Kansas City Chiefs:
Kansas City Still has great Ribs. In fact here is a recipe for them.


San Francisco  49ers
Still my Pick to be in the Super Bowl, if they don't face the Giants. When this team is clicking you can't stop them. 

Arizona Cardinals
Smoke and Mirrors. QB getting smashed, I wonder who the 3rd string is? Cus you will see him before the season is done.

Seattle Seahawks:
Their defense is good, but they still have a rookie at QB. He is will make mistakes so they have an outside shot at a wild card.

St. Louis Rams:
 Steven Jackson , hes playing better, hes playing not hurt, but no body beats father time. Enjoy him while you can , it will be the last year he is in St. Louis 


Atlanta Falcons:
Your the only un-defeated team left , so I can't bash you too much. Win a playoff game, then I will believe 

Tampa Bay Bucs:
The Ship is sinking.....

Carolina Panthers:
Nothing exciting about this team.

New Orleans Saints:
Saints are still on track to win 4 games in my opinion 

Its all about the Chicago Bears and Packers, Lions and Vikings are pretenders .


Philadelphia Eagles:
Trouble in paradise, Vick might not get hurt this season because he might be riding the bench

Dallas Cowboys:
 Romo, Jerry, its a circus, no need to see whats under the big top.

Washington Redskins
RGIII looks scary lets see how he handles the Giants.

The NFC is for the Giants to take

Its a great season. See you in two weeks.

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