Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What To Watch Instead of The Yankees

What's that smell? Did someone leave that egg salad out? Did the dog get a turd caught in his fur again? Are we near Staten Island? In fact, it's none of those things (unless you're in Staten Island right now). That rancid stench that you can almost taste is the New York Yankees. Yes, the Bronx Bombers have been dropping bombs all right this postseason. Stink bombs, that is. I'm trying to say the Yankees have stunk up the joint this October. Putrid,  wet dog, broccoli fart, D train during rush hour in July stink. Unfortunately, there's still at least 2 more games to be played in this toilet bowl of a playoff run that you might feel like you have to watch, out of morbid curiosity if nothing else. Thankfully in this era of round the clock entertainment, there's some other options for you to watch Tuesday night instead.

Everybody Loves Raymond reruns on...pick a channel

If you've been to your parents' house in the past couple years you've no doubt noticed that the hijinks of Ray Romano, his kind of hot wife, and freakish looking cop brother are on the tv all the time. I mean, it's always on. The reruns are simultaneously shown on TBS (except for tonight), My 9, TV Land, Univision, MTV, and every other channel on your local cable provider. Sick of watching Curtis Granderson swing at balls in the dirt? Why not watch Peter Boyle and Doris Roberts as the wisecracking in-laws who you love to hate?

Watch Paint Dry

The best method of watching paint dry, I find, is to get a neutral color at your local Home Depot (a tope or beige works best). Get a nice coat on a blank wall you may have in your home (if not contact a friend who has a blank wall that you can borrow). Using clean, broad strokes paint a rectangular box on the aforementioned wall. Pull up a comfortable chair and watch until the paint is sufficiently dry. In the span of 7 runners left on base and 2 A-rod strikeouts you should have a dry, freshly painted tope wall.

Stare at a homeless man at the Port Authority

There's a lot of great things to be found in New York City, but nothing is in greater supply and more fun than homeless people. And their unofficial headquarters is the Port Authority in Times Square. It's also a common misconception that they don't like to be stared at for long periods of time. Instead of suffering through another smiling Nick Swisher fuck up in the outfield, grab a snack and head to the Port Authority and stare at a homeless guy. Get a really good glare, and if you feel extra adventurous walk up to him and poke him in the face. You should try to find the dirtiest homeless dude you can, preferably one who is not wearing pants.

The Second Presidential Debate

Fuck that shit.

So there you have it, you may feel like you have no other options but to watch the Yankees flail away at pitches out of the strike zone and bumble their way to another loss, but you actually have many options at your finger tips. I'm on my way to the Port Authority now, enjoy your Tuesdays.

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