Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekend Parlay and Teaser Time (Week 6)

Our Terrible Thursday Teaser came in yesterday…barely.  But a win is a win.  I like these games for a tease and a parlay this weekend.

Giants +6 (+16 in a teaser)
The 49ers are a good football team.  They take care of business at home, they beat up on teams they’re supposed to beat up, and they don’t shoot themselves in the foot.  I’m just not ready to label them the class of the NFC just yet. 

They’ve beaten the Packers by 8, the Lions by 8, the Jets by 34, and Buffalo by 42. None of those teams are playing very good football at the moment and having big time struggles on the offensive side of the ball.  Their lone loss comes from the hands of the Vikings who have a competent pass rush and have an offensive identity.  I’m sure San Fran will be up for the game, but the Giants will be too, and they are no push overs in these types of spots.  San Fran May get the win, but the Giants keep it close.

Falcons -9 (+1 in a teaser)
Anytime you get a chance to pick a good home team against Carson Palmer, don’t bother thinking twice about it.  This may be the game McFadden decides to go off.   However, the Raiders will have to deal with Palmer continuously over throwing one of the faster receiving corps in football.  The Raiders will also have to contend with White and Jones torching their miserable secondary.  I can’t see how the Falcons blow this one in the Dome.

Pats -3 (+7 in a teaser)
Anytime you get a chance to pick a competent coach against Pete Carroll, don’t bother thinking twice about it. Mike McCarthy, Juan Rivera, and Jason Garrett are not my idea of very good head coaches and the only wins on the Seattle schedule.  I understand the Hags play good defense and have a great home crowd.  But don’t be fooled.  This is a team that has a 4/4, 5/3, and 4/4 record at home in the past three seasons with the bad Cards and bad Rams factoring into those wins (those two teams look better this year).  The Pats are firing on all cylinders and love to pad the stats against lesser teams, and lesser coaches.  This is an easy win for the Brady/Belichick clan.

Side Note: I know McCarthy has a ring, but bad clock management, bad use of challenges, and bad play calling are all part of his game.  For example, it took him 2 quarters, an Aaron Rodgers pummeling, and 7 sacks before he decided to run the ball a little that Monday night.

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