Friday, January 6, 2012

Hater J's AFC Picks

Earlier, I gave all of my NFC picks. I picked the Packers to win the whole thing, and if they don’t represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, some other superior NFC will beat the winner of this lot of AFC squads. Here are the AFC picks.

Texans -3.5

The Texans don’t have a great Quarterback, but that doesn’t matter. The Ravens didn’t need Joe Flacco last week, they just needed to run well and play some defense, two things the Texans do well. I had a short stint on the Andy Dalton bandwagon, but the more I watch him play, the more he looks just average. That isn’t a bad thing for a rookie QB, and I still prefer him to a guy like Mark Sanchez, but that’s not someone I want to put any money on, especially on the road.

Super Bowl Odds:

Bengals (70/1) – Why would you bet them, even at that long price? Do you think they can win here, then at New England, then at Pittsburg/Baltimore? I didn’t think so.

Texans (35/1) – If there was a chance Schaub were coming back, I would consider them. They have two 1000 yard runners, play good defense and have one of the best receivers in football with Andre Johnson. But when a very average and very injured back up QB is your starter and Jake Delhomme is the alternative, it’s wise to stay away.

Steelers -8.0

I hate Tebow. I can’t cheer for this garbage football he plays and I’m happy to see the rest of the league seems to have caught up to this garbage. Its annoying to see this clown complete two passes for 40 yards, get on his knees, then praise his “Lord and Savior” for helping him pull a game any half decent QB would win by 10 or more points, out of his asshole.

Big Ben isn’t the poster child for morality, but he epitomizes the “Big Game Player” . He’s playing hurt and without his starting running back, but he’ll find a few scores and that annoying virgin home. I know the 8 points seem large but with the way the Broncos have played, the Steelers only need to score 13 points to cover it.

Super Bowl Odds:
Steelers (10/1) – I know that they’re hurt, but at 10/1 odds, you have to like the very well coached team, with experience at every position. Assuming Houston holds serve, they go to New England, then Baltimore/Houston. By no stretch are any of those games easy, but they’re all very winnable with the Patriots not being able to stop anyone and the Ravens not inspiring any good thoughts in my mind.

Denver (60/1) – Don’t do it.

The BYE Weeks

Patriots (3/1) – They had a wide receiver in their secondary this year. That’s all you need to know about that defense. They’ve also fallen behind by double digits before scoring their first TD the past two weeks. This is a very flawed 1 Seed. They also have to play their games at home, in the elements, that may take that explosive offense out of the equation. As the meeting in Denver showed us all, Tom Brady is really the blessed QB. After beating up on the fraud, Tim Tebow, he went home to his Super Bowl rings, hot wife, and millions of dollars. In an even more perfect world for Tom Tom, the lowly Bengals will come into Foxboro next week, followed by a battered Steelers/Ravens team. That isn’t going to happen and a road to the Super Bowl where you have to beat the Steelers and Ravens in consecutive weeks, in the elements, and without a defense is a bit tough for me to only get 3/1 odds.

Ravens (6/1) – They should be able to beat Houston, they’ve owned the Steelers, and they pummeled the Pats in Foxboro a few years back. The Ravens are a good team, but I cannot put any faith in Joe Flacco. All season, I saw him rely on a “pass interference offense” where he chucks it up to Torrey Smith, hopes for a flag, and then hands it off/dumps it off to Ray Rice. If I can’t trust the QB to do anything, how can I pick him to win the whole thing?


  1. Wait, so who did you pick out of the AFC?

    I got the Ravens. They've already beat the Steelers twice this year, and the Steelers are now really beat up. Pats have no D at all.

  2. I bet $10.00 for the Broncos to win it all, but I think New England is going to the Super Bowl

  3. The chick to the right of Big Ben is pretty damn yammin'.