Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hater J's 2012 AFC Preview

AFC East - Pats
Unless Tom Brady slips and falls running through New England in a pair of Uggs, or just hangs himself for being such a pussy whipped douche bag, there is no way the Bills, Dolphins, or Jets come even close to contending for this division.

Speaking of the bottom feeders…
How many points do the Jets average this year?  This isn’t futbol, Mr. Sanchez. Three points a game isn’t getting you many wins.

Most football fans would be as hard pressed to name three Dolphins receivers as Ryan Tannehill was at naming all eight of the pro football divisions.

The Bills play for a bunch of great fans, in a really bad stadium, with a fairly average squad.  Given the easy schedule, they may sneak into the playoffs, but unseeding the Pats is not likely.

AFC North - Cincinnati
This is a pick made mostly because I don't trust Pittsburgh's offensive line or aging defense.  How is Pittsburgh supposed to compete for the division with starting running back Mendenhall still healing, his back up (Redman) an injury risk, the offensive line a total mess, Big Ben bound to miss some time from all the hits he'll take, and a defense that showed some holes late last season?

I also don't believe in Joe Flacco, the pass interference offense, and the old man defense.  How  can trust an offense that relies on the QB chucking it 40 yards to Smith, the  after a flag, feeds Ray Rice until they settle for a field goal or Rice breaks one? I'm tired of hearing about how this is the year Flacco puts it all together. He's the Ravens' version of Sanchez, only with a much bigger arm. Their defense is old and missing the only player capable of a formidable pass rush in Suggs.

That leaves Cincinnati.   Andy Dalton does a good job of managing the game and not hurting his team. AJ Green is super talented and has great chemistry with Dalton. Green-Ellis has never lost a fumble and adds even more stability to the offense. The defense was solid and should see that type of play continue this year.

AFC South - Houston
I'd pick Houston even if you told me they'll be missing Foster for a few weeks and they'd be starting second and third string QB's for the better part of the year. They did it last year and were a few plays away from making the AFC Championship game. I don't see Jacksonville, Indy, or Tennessee causing much trouble.

AFC West - Denver
This is the best collection of players Manning has ever been surrounded by, paired with a good coach, and great homefield advantage.  This defense won Tebow games. The offense is complete with receivers that run good routes (Decker), receivers with big play ability (Thomas), a familiar tight end with good hands (Tamme), and an offensive line that can make room for a solid running back (McGahee).

People point to Manning being fresh off surgery as a risk. He's not. He has one of the quickest releases in football, rarely gets sacked, and the rules of this league are made to protect QB's from injury. His arm strength may be declining, but I'm sure he can figure out ways to get the ball to his receivers without going 20 yards in the air, Brady has made a living of it.

Finally, if you had to pick between Romeo Crenel/Matt Cassel, Norv Turner/Phillip Rivers,  Dennis Allen/Carson Palmer, John Fox/Peyton Manning to win you a division, who would it be? I've been told his is a coach and QB league, making this a no brainer.

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