Thursday, April 19, 2012

35 years of Misery: Name that Net

Greetings, hoops fans! As you may have heard, that team that plays in New Jersey is moving to Brooklyn in a few months and so ends 35 years of misery in the Garden State. To commemorate 3 and a half decades of pain, the Nets are having a farewell night and they're pulling out all the stops. All the past legends of the Meadowlands will be on hand like Kerry Kittles and Derrick Coleman? Bernard King's brother? And who's that guy wearing number 10??? I understand that the active guys aren't available like Kidd and K-Mart (and obviously Jayson Williams isn't) but shit isn't Kevin Edwards available? How about Keith Van Horn, he can't be too busy. And where's Buck Williams? I understand DC and Kenny Anderson, since they were the stars of the other good Nets team that didn't feature Kidd, but why does Kerry Kittles get the prime position in that poster? That's the position Ewing or Clyde Frazier would hold if the Knicks had a similar celebration, KK is the symbol of 35 years of history?? At the very least, I'd like to see a Petrovic hologram at this event.

Now, here's where the PTU readers come into play. If you can name number 10 in that photo you will be shouted on in a post as the most knowledgeable sports fan in the world and will also receive a special prize. Good luck, because I am stumped. It's not Sam Cassell or Mookie Blaylock. Could it be a made up player? Let us know if you have any idea, Nets fans.


  1. That's correct, Dr. J. Your google skills are on point!